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: Fuel pump install

Sep 3rd, 99, 7:25 PM
A trick I use to hold the fuel pump rod up is to take an old hack saw blade and grind off the teeth, Lift the rod and place the blade under it. Then just slide the fuel pump arm down the blade, start both bolts and then pull the blade out. Most of the time the blade can be wedged into place against the head freeing up both hands to install the pump.

Philip Valentine
Lakeside, AZ
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Manny Gomez
Sep 3rd, 99, 11:11 PM
Hey 64,
Never thought of that one. I use a big glob of white grease on the cam end of the rod. It creates a suction that holds the rod very nicely and the grease doesn't hurt anything. mgg

Sep 3rd, 99, 11:43 PM
Manny I came up with that when GM decided to hang the smog pump on the lower front of the block making it difficult to change the pump. I took the smog pump off the first one then decided it took to long, had to be a better way. I have a now a near useless tool that looks like a screwdriver and screwed into the hole in the front of the block to hold the rod up. It has a nylon tip on it so it won't mar the rod. It still works on the old cars and street rods.