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: BB vs SB Front springs

Sep 8th, 00, 9:25 AM
I've been told that there is a difference between BB and SB front springs on a 66 Chevelle.
How can you tell the difference with them out of the car ??

Sep 8th, 00, 12:31 PM
I get jumpy talking about springs.

Without seeing both SB and BB springs side by side, I'm not sure exactly what the difference is. But they are different. One might have the coils closer together. The diameter of the coil itself makes a difference. Of course the BB springs will be a little stiffer.

I've seen a dozen or so different springs for a particular car. One set would be for SB, one for BB, BB with A/C, BB without A/C, SB with A/C, SB without A/C etc. Then there are the springs for performance(if the car had the option, which Chevelles did) which are usually a little stiffer and make the car sit a little lower.

Don't know how to tell the difference in them out of the car. You could try this. Get some duct tape and attach the springs to an old pair of tennis shoes. Get a ladder and climb up on the roof of your house. Jump off and if you bounce 3 feet of the ground, I'd say you have SB springs. If you rebound 2 feet, you've got yourself a pair of heavy duty BB springs. (Sorry. BBD rubbing off on me.)

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Sep 8th, 00, 12:38 PM
The diameter of the wire that the springs are made of are different diameters. I don't know the diameters off hand but the big block has the larger one and the diameter change is so minor that you would probably need some dial calipers if you don't an eye for it. Otherwise the height will look the same out of the car.

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Sep 8th, 00, 3:20 PM
Thanks guys. When I got this car the guy said it had the BB springs in it and it had a 283 SB then. Every time I went some where people would say looks like BB springs. He also gave me a set of springs he said where the SB springs. Thats my problem they are 95% identicle. Number of coils - 1/4, diameter of the wire, height of the whole spring, the only difference I see is the 1/4 of a coil difference, is this the only difference.
The reason I'm trying to find out is I'm putting a 383 SB with alum heads and intake, headers, etc. So the front end will be lighter. So I thought I'd put in the SB springs, but it's a lot of work just to see if the front end drops an inch or two lower. Other wise I'll buy a set of those springs they are talking about in one of the other posts I saw.

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