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: Bad Gauge or bad sending unit??

Jan 1st, 01, 5:18 PM
My gas gauge in the elco does not work, yall know what a pain that can be in a daily driver. If you look at the gas gauge the needle is penned all the way over to the idiot light (about an inch past full). Does this sound like a bad sending unit or bad gauge? How can I tell for sure. I already checked the sending unites ground and wires they all look good and I cleaned the ground


BTW. Forgot to say its a 69

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Jan 1st, 01, 5:47 PM
Try this site

He has some good stuff.


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Jan 1st, 01, 5:54 PM
Thomas,i just had to put a sending unit in my 70ss a couple weeks ago.My gauge read about 3 o'clock.Sounds like the sending unit to me. Ray


Jan 1st, 01, 6:46 PM
It is actually an open connection between the gauge and sender. It could be the sender or just a wiring problem. Ground the brown wire that attaches to the sender, if the gauge goes to empty it is in the sender.