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: Will Power Glide from 6 cyl. mate to 350?

Mar 10th, 00, 5:33 AM
Anyone know for sure if a Power Glide currently hooked to a '67 250 will bolt right up to a 350? Will a different torque converter be needed, or will the original bolt to the 350 flex plate?

I'm about to convert from 250 to 350 and want to know what I'm up against.

PS: I know the original PowerGlide isn't best choice for rigors of 350, but I want a temporary solution until I can afford appropriate tranny.

Mar 10th, 00, 5:45 AM
Yes it will bolt right up using the same convertor. Make sure your flexplate either has the dual bolt pattern or has the small pattern to match the PG convertor bolt pattern. You can also use the flexplate and starter off the 250 if you don't get one with the 350. Just keep in mind that the starter for the small flexplate has the straight across bolt pattern. If the trans is in good shape it will be fine behind the V-8. Up till 66 they were putting them behind the 396 when you ordered an SS with auto trans.

Philip Valentine
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Mar 10th, 00, 11:55 AM
Don't do it!!!

The Powerglides used behind 6 cyl. were air cooled, all V-8 powerglides had provisions to connect cooler lines from the radiator.

It could very well over heat behind a V-8 http://www.chevelles.com/forum/redface.gif


Mar 10th, 00, 12:21 PM
thanks for the info you guys; understand Coppertop--fortunately I only drive it 1 mile to work each day--non-highway, so hopefully it will hold up until I save up the $$ i need to replace it. If not, it's gonna be replaced anyway, so may as well try.

Mar 10th, 00, 12:21 PM
You can uncap the tranny for coolant lines, but the extra torque from a V-8 will make the powerglide slip when you accelerate hard as is.
A 3-speed would be alot more fun on the street. I put a T-350 in its place and kept the collumn shifter. Had to do a little fabricating but I like it alot better than the 2-speed.

Mar 10th, 00, 3:37 PM
Driving with a PG, is better than walking. One mile or a thousand miles http://www.chevelles.com/forum/tongue.gif

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Mar 10th, 00, 4:39 PM
I pulled the Aircooled PG out of the 65 Chevelle I bought that originaly had a 6 cylinder switched to a SB 350.

With the stock 158 tooth flexplate,10 bolt 308 open rearend, it ran good and did not slip a bit.

BTW The guy I bought the car from TOWED a Saturn from the state of Washington to Indiana with that setup. http://www.chevelles.com/forum/cool.gif

Mar 10th, 00, 6:31 PM
Not all 6 cyl PG were air cooled. I have one of each and there both from 6 cyl. Most racers look for the 6 model for the lower 1st gear. Anyway what do you have to lose? Run it as long as it works or until your upgrade.

Mar 10th, 00, 7:56 PM
I have had many glides from sixes that were not air cooled, the only one I ever had that was came from a vega ( and I believe that was a 3 speed).. The glide will bolt up to the 350, but I once I had a glide that seemed to have a smaller bellhousing inner diameter, and it would not bolt up with the 14" flexplate. Only happened once, but I would double check for sure.

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Mar 10th, 00, 11:03 PM
Gearhead, your '67 250 'glide would be of the external coolant line variety. It would be almost exactly the same as the version you'd get behind the 283. You might be better running a separate tranny cooler as opposed to getting your new rad with a tranny cooler section. Stock would obviously work as well.