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: harmonic balancer ?

Dec 25th, 00, 7:08 AM
how do you check balancer for defects.

Big James 4XL
Dec 25th, 00, 12:41 PM
Main thing is the surface the seal runs on must be smooth, then inspect to see if the rubber part of the assembly is intact and that the outer ring of the balancer shows no signs of walking(front to rear), or spinning. If it has spun the TDC mark will not line up correctly. Let us know if you are not familiar with the procedure for determining TDC, or try a seach here it may be archived.


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Dec 25th, 00, 9:44 PM
thanks big one,yes i know how to find TDC I'm curious about my balancer though.anybody that could shed some lite on tell-tell signs of how a bad balancer would affect an engine.lets say that the rubber is letting the balancer deflect at sudden r.p.m.increase how would this affect the engine,bad vibration,timing inconsistencies or what.seems to me my engine will not run smoothly when timed to start,but advance the timing to where start wants to drag and then she'll take the juice and run like h-ll.