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: 65 Malibu side mouldings

Apr 25th, 00, 6:29 PM
Is anybody out there gonna ever reproduce side mouldings for our beautiful 65s? Ive racked my brain for years now searching for this obviously rare item only to find over priced pitted, dented junk. Its the only thing my car needs to look totaly cherry. Any thoughts from 65 Malibu owners out there? http://www.chevelles.com/forum/confused.gif

Apr 25th, 00, 7:31 PM
Would sorta like to see it myself as well, my drivers side is straight and beautiful the whole way back, the passenger side everything behind the front fender is pretty shotty. I was thinking of shaving it off when i finally get the body done, my mom wants to keep it on there...we'll see.I guess there's some place around here that specializes in restoring trim and straightening bumpers, we may be going there, again, I dont know but I'd sure love to see it repopped!

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Apr 26th, 00, 12:00 AM
Send me an e-mail(glenn_mail@yahoo.com), my 65MalibuSS was order with body side molding. I'm going to shaved them off when I repaint her sometime after summer. All the molding is pretty straight except for a flat spot on the passenger quarter.