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: Tire scrape -- cut the lip or smaller tires?

Jan 11th, 00, 1:38 PM
The right rear tire of my '72 Malibu is scraping the wheel well something fierce, and I'm not sure you to correct it. My mechanic wants to cut the lip a little to make room for the tire, but I think it might be better to keep the integrity of the body and shift down a tire size. At the moment I'm using 295 BF Goodrich T/A Radials on a 15-inch wheel with a 50 aspect ratio; I know BF Goodrich also makes a 275, and that 20 cm should give me all the clearance I need but still have a nice wide footprint. Any advice? I appreciate anything you can tell me, I'm brand new to this and learning as I go. Thanks!

Jan 11th, 00, 1:44 PM
Switch tires. Once you cut the body, it's all over by the cryin'.

Keep in mind that the reduction in width is off both sides of the tire, so going from 295 to 275 won't net you 20 on the outside, but 10 instead.

Also you're not going to get 20cm (20 cm is about 7.9 inches http://www.chevelles.com/forum/smile.gif (ever think that the only metric thing on your car is the tires?)


Jan 11th, 00, 1:46 PM
Woops, I meant 20mm. Yeah, I wouldn't want to lose 20cm! I didn't reealize that I'd only lose 10 mm on the outside, I thought the net difference would still be double; thanks for the tip.

Gene Chas
Jan 11th, 00, 2:43 PM
Rookie, option 2

How much room do you have on the inside of the tire for clearance? If it's more than 1" than simply get a wheel with 3/4" more backspacing than what you have on there. Should fit like a glove.

Ask a wheel pro for the exact dimension, but my point is you can space the tire inboard a freckle with more backspacing.

FWIW, I run 275/60/15 BFG's on the back of my 67 with a 4 3/4" backspace. I think any bigger tire and I'd have probs. 5" backspace might allow a 295/50. ( backspace = offset).

Jan 11th, 00, 2:57 PM
You can also roll the wheel well lip under, a little body hammer work will give you another 1/2" clearance.

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Jan 11th, 00, 6:17 PM
The 275 is the ticket.

I have the 275 on my 68 elky, and it is perfect.

I have the 295 on my 70 chevelle, and I had to jack it up, as it will otherwise rub on the "bulge" of the tire.

I have 5.5" offset on my wheels for both cars.

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Jan 11th, 00, 6:42 PM
Could also try using 295-60's instead it will be a little taller instead of width, one of my friends brothers friends(wow! thats a lot!) has a 69 15x8 4.5 inch backspacing 295-60-15's doesnt rub. A 72 should be slightly larger back there too.

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