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: 2dr sedan vs. sport coupe '67 chevelle

May 15th, 00, 2:41 PM
I've been doing some research on my project, a 66 or 67 chevelle. I'm trying to determine the differece between the body styles of a 2 door sedan and a 2 door sport coupe.

Also, whats the difference between the malibu line and the chevelle 300 line?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



May 15th, 00, 4:04 PM
A 2 door hardtop has NO post between the front doors and the quarter windows. A 2 door sedan does. The Malibu was actually a trim option with more appointments than a 300 model (carpets, exterior trim, etc.)


May 15th, 00, 4:24 PM
Jerry is correct, although I believe the 300 series did not have the tunneled ( recessed ) rear window and the back roof line was a sharper cutoff.

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Steve R
May 15th, 00, 10:44 PM
All of the 300's I have ever seen were post (coupe) cars. Were they available as a hardtop, or visa versa?

Steve R.

May 16th, 00, 2:14 PM
Thanks for the information. My original question came from the reference section on this site. If you look at the body style, you will see a 2 door Sedan, a 2 door sport coupe, and a 2 door sport coupe w/ pillar.

So, if Jerry and fastburn are correct, that would mean that the Sedan has a different roof line than the coupe. And, that the Sedan always has a pillar, while the coupe could have a pillar.

Is this correct?

here are the numbers I was looking at:

Fourth and Fifth numbers indicate body style:
11 2 door Sedan
15 2 door station wagon, 2 seats
17 2 door sport coupe
27 2 door coupe with pillar
35 4 door station wagon, 2 seats
37 2 door sport coupe
39 4 door sport sedan
46 4 door station wagon, lotsa seats, 3
67 2 door convertible, yes
69 4 door sedan
80 2 door El Camino



Pete 67
May 16th, 00, 2:53 PM
There is never a pillar on the sport coupe models. Malibu's & Super Sports are considered sport coupes. 300 models are sedans. This is for 66-67's, other years may differ.


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May 17th, 00, 3:38 AM
In the "old" days, the sport coupes were also known as "hard top convertibles", because if you rolled all the windows down there would be no obstructive post in the way. Funny about the 300's...I never actually saw one around here, and never knew anyone who owned one. They were, in most cases I guess, sold as a stripped down utility type of vehicle. Some companies probably bought them as fleet vehicles. I know that when I ordered my Malibu in 1970, I don't recall seeing any on the lot! Not even listed in the sales brochure. Now, if I would have just ordered that SS454 instead.... http://www.chevelles.com/forum/biggrin.gif