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: LS6 Block for 1970 SS 454

Apr 22nd, 00, 2:43 AM
We are interested in removing our LS5 and installing an LS6. Where would be a good place to start looking for an original block? And what engine codes would this block have?
Thanks ahead of time for your help.

Alan F
Apr 22nd, 00, 6:21 AM
To answer your direct question, Hemmings always has people advertising date coded castings. Be prepared to dig deep in the wallet. You will be looking for CRV or CRR (CRS is not likely) codes on the stamping pad. The casting number is 3963512 (which should be the same as your LS5).

I am curious as to reason you would want an original LS6 (engine casting). My opinion only: unless the car is an LS6 car, you will be paying a premium for performance that could be duplicated less expensively. Good luck.

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