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: Camaro gauges in a chevelle

Sep 19th, 00, 6:09 AM
I brought this question up before,and didn't get any takers, and it is still buzzing around in my head. How difficult would it be to take the round gauges from a mid 70's camaro and install them in my '71 malibu? I have never attempted anything like this, but I like the "factory type" gauge look it would give me. Here is a link to the gauges. I was hoping I could just pull the gauges and make my own faceplate. Whaddya think?

Trent DuBois
'71 Hugger Orange Chevelle

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mr 4 speed
Sep 19th, 00, 8:49 AM
I know someone that put those into a 72 Monte looked good,and they worked,but if you know your stuff,it's obviously not correct.But hey,if you're not concerned about originality,why not? They're still "factory" in a way....

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Joe Y
Sep 19th, 00, 8:57 AM
It'd look a 100 times better than the sweep dash and it would be more factory looking that aftermarket gauges.. I say GO FOR IT!

Joe Y.
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Sep 19th, 00, 9:42 AM
This would be a first attempt for me. Would I need to use the circuit board or could I wire each component separately? I need all the help I can get. Thanks Everyone!!

Sep 19th, 00, 10:02 AM

If you manage to make this work post some pics and Info. I would be real interested in how you did it.


mr 4 speed
Sep 19th, 00, 11:31 AM
you'll need to wire each component seperately

Sep 19th, 00, 2:48 PM
If you do this don't buy the gauges off of ebay. I bet you could find a decent deal at the local wrecking yard for a set of camaro gauges. There are usually a dozen or so of these cars in the local yards around here. Good Luck

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Sep 19th, 00, 3:09 PM
Good idea, Jeff. I think that is exactly what I am going to do. That way if it doesn't work I'm not out of a ton of money. Wish me luck!! I'll need it.

Trent DuBois
'71 Hugger Orange Chevelle

Sep 19th, 00, 3:45 PM
Trent buddy, have you ever looked at factory guages out of the dash? They are ussually not round and mount by sitting in a molded plactic housing. Would not be easy to mount to say a piece of plexiglass. Most all are wired with a printed circuit card which would not even exist for your application. Lighting is another problem as many are not internally lit. Also, factory type guages are not very rugged units and are only tough because of the molded plastic housing there in, which you would not have. It's very possible this could be done but not without an incredible amount of engineering and intricate work. You might want to stick to aftermarket. Theres quite a few different kinds if you dig so you might find one you like.

Sep 19th, 00, 4:16 PM
that looks like a lot of work but if you have time check out CHP, they did a newer dash into a 69 camaro, probably didn't cost much but a lot of work too. and boy it looks good, other wise, i'd just buy as set of guages and put them into your sweep speedo, there is a page on doing this and pics on my website below "sweep dash conversion"

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