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: anybody use an isky 262 super cam?

Nov 28th, 03, 1:09 AM
I just pulled my big block 402 apart.(It didnt run when I pulled it.) I found an isky 262 super hydraulic cam. Anyone have one in a big block? how does it drive? What kind of power does it make?

Nov 28th, 03, 2:03 AM
Years ago I knew a guy who had a 396/325HP Impala...
TH400 with 2.73's...He had already installed dual exhausts ( no headers ) and wanted alittle he put the Isky 262 and fresh Isky valve springs and retainers to replace the stock ones....He didnt want to change rear gears since he traveled the freeways alot.The 262 cam idled real good ..just alittle bit bumpier than the stock 325 HP/396 cam...but still real good...not rough at all.But out on the freeway is where you really felt that cam....quite a noticable improvement in passing and hill climbing power...he really liked it...and it was quiet soild lifter sound like many of todays fast acting hyd cams.

That said it is NOT a race cam....If you want power in the off idle to 4500 rpm range its a good cam...but dont expect it to make power at 6000 RPM.
If you already have 3.73 gears you might not like that cam....but with 3.08 or 3.31's it's a nice piece.Wont set the world on fire but it was never designed to do that either....but for everyday driving or towing it's perfectly fine.

Dec 3rd, 03, 6:28 AM
I know you said it was years ago, but do you remember what the "low" speed torque was like with the Isky 262?

I was thinking of using this cam (maybe ground on a 110 lobe sep??) in a 400 small block for my 84 Suburban. I was a little concerned because with a 700R auto, the rpm's driving around town are usually between 1000 and 2000 rpm and the rpm range of the cam starts at 2000 rpm. Any thoughts?

Dec 3rd, 03, 8:03 AM
As silly as this sounds, I bet the old "Performer" generic cam at 204/214 should do you great AND cost A LOT LESS!! The one Summit and everybody else sells in their generic chea-, er, inexpensive cam line...

Check spec's out and even though it is an old tech cam, it is made to do JUST what YOU WANT, IMHO!!!!!

One step up from stock for max. grunt!!!

AND I'm an Isky fan!!


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Dec 3rd, 03, 9:10 AM
I'm a big Isky fan also! graemlins/thumbsup.gif I've got a mechanical roller in my big block, and I'm very pleased with it, that's why I thought I might try another Isky.

I have thought about that cam and the Crane 260/272 (204/216) with a set of 1.6 rockers. I was thinking that for a low rpm (under 4500) "daily driver" the single pattern might be a little better. The one thing that I'm not sure about is would I need to run a dual pattern since I most likely won't be using headers?

Dec 3rd, 03, 11:23 AM
Yes it was quite a few years ago...But honestly it ran real well... Wasnt obnoxious at all. But then again the 396/325 HP was an advertised 10.25 to 1 comp...probally a bit smaller in reality... I think that with 4200 pounds even that engine would have appreciated say a 3.08 or 3.23 gear in it... The 262 is still shorter than the stock 396/350 HP cam...

On my 427 that I use in my El Camino ... not a Hi Perf piece but I do use it as a truck and haul stuff with it....I have NO gears....M21 and 3.07's....I took out the XE 256/268 dual pattern Comp Hyd and put an Isky single pattern solid in it that is 212 @ .050.... 256 adv .....Talk about low speed TORQUE !....Way more drivable than the XE especially in the idle to 3000 range...I spend the vast majority of my time at 2000 and under....

I looked hard at my Ex System....ported exhaust manifolds and ported ( fully functional ) heat riser...2 1/2 in with OE Hemi Mufflers and 2 1/4 in out over the axle exiting behind the real wheels...
and decided that it has plenty of capacity for my 4500 RPM range and decided that the dual pattern XE hyd 256/268 212/218 was hurting my low speed vs what a single pattern would I went with it instead....The low speed power and driveability was noticably improved....Again the vast majority of the time I'm under 2000 RPM.So the dual pattern was no help at all in my case.... Granted it's a solid but I'm sure the much longer power stroke of the single pattern cam 256 vs 268 really helped the bottom end also.

Darren I wish I could say for sure but I honestly have never used the 262 Hyd in any of my own cars.
The long stroke of the 400 should likely make it not much of an issue but it wouldnt hurt to call Ron and ask him...He useually there after 1:00 PM.

Dec 3rd, 03, 12:16 PM
I have already talked with Ron and he recommended the dual pattern Supercam 256/262(202/208 .425/.435). This cam just "seemed" a bit small for a 400. Looks perfect for a 350, and would probably make killer torque in a 400, but I was afraid that it might fall on its face in the upper range (during passing or accelerating onto the expressway). :confused:

Dec 3rd, 03, 3:13 PM
I agree .... I think that if you used it like I use mine....Been on the freeway maybe 6 times this year then go with the 256 intake...But for a more all round use if it were me I'd opt for the larger 262.

..this guy at work used to have a 3/4 Chevy long bed...he built a 383 for it...a 400 rod type 383...
He used the Performer cam with a Hollry Pro Jection..
When he bought the truck the rear end was making alot of noise...So he gets another from a wrecking yard and sticks it in there....It said 3.23 on it...Turns out to have 4.10's in it....The truck was a rocket for about 30 feet...then it would nose over and fall on it's face.... He later put a real set of 3.23's in it.... The engine came alive and would actually run....But even at that he still wished he had put a little bit bigger cam in it....
The 700R4 with 4.10 or even the 3.23's was just too much gear for the low end torquey 383 that he built.

Dec 3rd, 03, 3:55 PM

i have a crane 266 energizer in the 350 in my 67 Biscayne. the cam specs are 210@.050 .440 lift and on a 110 lsa. it has plenty of torque to move that big ol Biscuit and it performs well up top too considering it has stock exhaust manifolds.

i built this 350 in my auto tech class during my senior year in high school (1996). its a 20 over 350 with stock replacement cast pistons, 882 open chamber heads with swirl polished 1.94 intake and 1.50 exhaust valves, holley dual plane intake, a 750 edelbrock carb, and the stock rams horn exhaust manifolds. we (my instructor and i) ccd the heads and we calculated at or close to 9 to 1 compression ratio. the car has a th350 with a shift kit, a 2400 b&m holeshot convertor and 3.55 gears with a auburn posi in the stock 10 bolt. it also has 2.25 dual exhaust with some cheap turbo mufflers.

i drove this combo everyday for a few years until i couldnt stand the windshield leaking any longer, now the car is in the garage undergoing surgery. but the car has plenty of torque and will burn the 255/60/15 tires with ease. the last time i had this car out i gave my brothers 95 LT1 Trans Am a run for his money, the look on his face was priceless. although i never had the biscayne to the track my brothers T/A runs 14.2 in the quarter and i have no doubts that old 4000lb biscayne wouldnt be far behind.

i think the 266 energizer would work real well in a 400 combo such as yours.

Dec 3rd, 03, 3:59 PM
The 3/4 ton truck sounds a little like mine now; bone stock 350, q-jet, dual exhaust (no cats). Mine is a 3/4 ton with a trailer towing package, 700R and 3.73's. Pretty decent on the start, but dies fast.

I'm in the planning stages for a new motor now. So far the plans are as follows: 400, SR Torquer heads with a small amount of bowl work, small hydro cam, 9:1cr, Performer intake with a Q-jet.

Just tring to decide on the best cam for my application. :confused:

PS: maliboo66, I apologize for high-jacking your post. smile.gif

Dec 3rd, 03, 4:08 PM
Brandon, I was also thinking of the Crane 266.

I am just having a hard time deciding what would be best. Don't want it to die at 3000-3500 when I'm trying to pass someone, but i don't want too big that it is a dog down low. With normal city driving and the 4 speed auto, it shifts into overdrive at about 35-36 mph and the tach drops to about 900 rpm. Gets kinda sluggish with the stock 350 graemlins/boring.gif

Dec 3rd, 03, 5:16 PM

i really think that 266 energizer would work really well in your 400. with the longer stroke and better heads i would imagine it perform much better than in my biscayne. it should have much more torque, and the cam will seem smaller in a 400 compared to a 350 and have better low speed manners.

although i have no experience with an overdrive trans and this cam, but my biscayne did have 3.08 gears in it before i put the posi and 3.55s in. i never had any issues with low speed driveablity. i could be driving at 25mph in third gear and doing a little over 1000rpms. without downshifting it would pull fine in those low rpms, no chugging or bucking at all.

Dec 3rd, 03, 7:43 PM
pdq67 again,

Ditto on the Crane 266 cam!

I was thinking along the lines of what you mentioned when I came back with the "Performer Cam" which I STILL think IS a very good cam for the money and grunt like you seemed to want when you listed the cam you did.

But the 266 should really up the rpm's just enough to make life interesting like already mentioned!!

Otherwise go with the smallest solid cam you can find AND I bet it will do you good too!! Something like a 215 or 220 duration at .050" solid would be great!! IMHO....


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Dec 4th, 03, 12:30 AM

Maybe the old E-4 mechanical cam huh ? Ya know I actually have one of them here...totally forgot I had it...Bot it from T Willey Hutchins back circa 1981. Probably work pretty deciently in there.... Actually the one I have is not the origional that Vic Edelbrock designed....That one was discontinued decades ago and replaced with this version....Actually the old was was available as late as 1968..maybe later but somewhere in the early 70's many of the old cams were dropped and redesigned...this one is the newer one.

But I would think that if you wanted a Crane the 266 Energizer would work well also.....

Dec 4th, 03, 6:32 AM
Thanks guys, I appreciate your input. graemlins/thumbsup.gif

This buildup is still a year or two off so I'll be giving it somemore thought. I'm liking the idea of the Crane 266 with a set of 1.6's.

Al, I have been following your posts about the cam swap in the 427. I had already made my mind up to get a Comp Cams XE cam, but after reading your posts about running better with a single pattern cam it got me thinking. I was even considering that Isky solid that you are using with a set of 1.6 rockers.

Do you think you picked up the better low speed torque from the fact that it is a single pattern or that it is a solid?

Dec 4th, 03, 8:00 AM

Would you please list the old E-4 cam's spec's if you still have them just for posterity.

I have heard of it but don't know what they are.

I had an old Isky RPM-300 years ago that I hooked onto out of something, but it's been since when I was a kid..


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Dec 4th, 03, 11:15 AM

As much as I like the cam I have I really wouldnt advise you put it in yours.My reasoning is your gearing...Granted I have a Big Block but even with the XE it hated the 2.88 1st gear ST-10 4 speed I had...Thats why I switched to a 2.20 1st gear M-21 to use with my 3.07's. That 2.88 1st would blast past my torque peak so fast that it was quicker starting out in 2nd gear....

My XE was the 256/268 212/218 124/124.
My OLD Isky solid is 256 212 121.I say old because this lobe has been around since at least the middle 70's.
But in actual use it's even shorter.I measured the total valve open time "loaded " by using a dial indicater and a degree wheel and marking where the valve registers it actual opening and it's actual closing loaded against the entire valve train lashed and set up.... its 6 degrees shorter. My timing tag shows 18-56 and 56-18 @ .017.But lashe at the recmonded .020 it works out to 15-55.So that makes mine a 250 deg cam when actually loaded and lashed.Most solid cams have thier adv durations somewhere under where the lash setting is so this is normal.It's also a very mild cam ie not an aggressive one valve action wise.

So if you now look at how much shorter the solids timing is ie 250 vs the XE 256/268 ...thats roughly 6 and 18 deg less duration !! CC advertises thier stuff at .006 . If you did it at say .004 like Crane does then the XE cam is even longer...

With my low RPM set up ( I can start out in 1st or 2nd gear without slipping the clutch or it bucking or chugging...Starting out in 3rd gear does require alittle clutch slipping...It does not like starting out in 4th tho....I only have a 30 pound 153 tooth flywheel....So with no gear this thing is not hurting in the low speed torque area.I say that just to illistrate that for my use all I really need is low end...I couldnt care less what it does above 4000...

But with an automatic and the gearing you have I really think you need a longer cam than what I'm useing.

Dec 4th, 03, 11:32 AM

Ok here ya go...This info was taking from a 1968 Vic Hubbard catalog...It's basically a photo copy of the Isky catalog....

Isky HYD

280 HYD - 29-71 / 71-29 .... .440 / 280
310 HYD - 44-86 / 86-44 .... .440 / 310
320 HYD - 54-86 / 86-54 .... .500 / 320

Isky Hi Rev Solid

E-4 - 19-61 / 56-24 .... .410 / 260 lash .015
RPM300 - 39-81 / 81-39 .... .429 / 300 lash .030
Z-30 - 30-70 / 70-30 .... .430 / 280 lash .020
Z-50 - 42-78 / 78-42 .... .490 / 300 lash .028
z-60 - 52-88 / 88-52 .... .490 / 320 lash .028


E-2 - 20-60 / 60-20 .... .440 / 260 lash .020
e-3 - 28-66 / 66-28 .... .440 / 274 lash .020
505T - 35-75 / 75-35 .... .505 / 290 lash .030
505C - 50-90 / 90-50 .... .505 / 320 lash .030
555 SLG- 57-93 / 93-57 .... .520 / 330 lash .030

The Rollers were the 505 and 555 series same specs.
but also this one...

555 Invincible 63-97/99-61 .555 / 340 lash .032

Got to remember back in them days .600 plus lift cams just werent one had valve springs that could deal with everyone went modest lift and long durations....

Dec 4th, 03, 2:19 PM
Thanks 69!

And there was a Super Le Geara (Sp?) cam in there too somewhere way back when..

I'm still a fan of low lift cams b/c it's lift that really works on the longevity issue of cams and I tend to be conservative..

But I'm not a "balls-out" gotta have the last hp a power out of my motors either..


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Dec 4th, 03, 3:25 PM

Take a peek at the 555 SLG just under the 505C...
SLG = Super Le Gerra....

I wish they gave dur @ .050 #'s but that wasnt common back then.

Speaking of low lift...In one of my old reprint books it talked about Tony Nancys gas dragster in 1964.. with the then brand new 426 Hemi.... Supercharged on gas...he ran a Chet Herbert roller that had a .521 lift..( no duration was mentioned )
they didnt mention his ET but did say he went like 186 MPH in the 1/4.... ON A .521 LIFT CAM !!....

Might be fun to see if anyone today could even duplicate that speed with only a .521 lift cam !!
I'm sure it could be done but it might take some thinking with everyone used to .600 - .800 lift cams.... hehheehe.

May 22nd, 04, 12:45 AM
69LS1 you have mail.


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May 22nd, 04, 2:03 AM

Got it! I sent a reply but for some reason it came back so I split the info into two more parts.... Hopefully the info all got there. Please let me know.


May 22nd, 04, 12:17 PM
Thanks 69LS1,

I got them.... They were probably filling my small mail-box up, that's all??


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May 22nd, 04, 12:32 PM

Cool glad it all got there !

May 23rd, 04, 4:13 PM
I use a isky 292 mega cam with 505 lift int/exh and 1.6 rockers for a total of 530 lift. I have it in a 406sb and it runs strong and will pull beyond where I'm willing to push the motor. That might be to much for what your looking for but I thought I would share. Oh and it has a real mean idle.

May 23rd, 04, 6:50 PM
Thanks for sharing faulkkev and you are right b/c I'm looking for a small solid for my 283 motor..

One smaller then the great old -097 Little Duntov so it will have more off idle grunt then my junk 301 had, (even if it is just a little-bitty motor!!)...


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