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: 71-72 SS wheel paint

Feb 3rd, 13, 7:02 PM
I managed to get my hands on some of the PPG lacquer "DDL 32961". I found a PPG supplier that still had all of the laquuer mixing colors and the suede additive. That is what I used to paint my 71 SS wheels. I am going to post the information I was looking for in the beginning when I started my earlier post in hopes it will help someone else in the same situation. First off, the paint Ground Up sells for these wheels is WRONG(way too dark). The Seymour cast blast is similiar, but not course enough and doesn't have the rough texture the PPG suede additive gives it. I am posting photos of the test panels I painted and marked them side by side for comparison purposes. Like they say, " a photo is worth a thousand words". Well a photo beside another photo to compare it to is "worth a million words".

Feb 4th, 13, 12:15 AM
I saw your wheels in the other post and have to say they look like the correct color and texture EXACTLY! Nice job. Many can benefit from your due diligence by following your formula because the question regarding refinishing the '71-'71 'SS' wheels seems to be asked so frequently.

Feb 4th, 13, 11:21 PM
I think you figured it out Scott. As Mike said that question comes up often.
Thanks for posting your findings.