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: Are there 2 types of Vortec heads

Oct 16th, 02, 9:56 AM
I have a 1978 350 block. Will Vortec heads from a 2000 Denali fit? Are they iron?

Oct 16th, 02, 12:32 PM
dont think so.

Vortec refers to the chamber design, many engines share the vortec name from 4.3L to 8.1L. Only castings 906 and 601 will work (there were also 5.0L Vortec heads too - but they suck).

edit - change 601 to 062 - see next post

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Oct 16th, 02, 12:50 PM
Thanks dreamer. What do you mean by "suck". I have seen some 305 Vortec heads, is that what you are refering to? I have found a set of 350 vortec cast#10239906 with roller rockers. I have also seen the 305 heads cheaper, is there a good reason these are not good heads? I have also found some allum 906 castings, nothing different about those? The description says, 96 and up so I am confused.

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Oct 16th, 02, 1:07 PM
crap - i screwed up - 601 castings are 305 heads - i meant to say 062's - im p&p'ng a set of 601's right now so it must have slipped.

the 305 heads are typically the same price, but they have smaller runners/valves and dont flow as well - therefore they "suck" in my book. Theyre good heads, but not performance wise like the 906/062 vortecs.

I said "dont think so" becasue i am not sure - I think 2000's switched over to a LT1 style bolt pattern, but im really not sure. To clear it up - if its a 906/062 casting - its good to go, if not - don't try it.

Aluminum 906's? must be something different - the only aluminum vortecs are "fastburn" heads and the ones edelbrock just came out with.

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Oct 16th, 02, 2:04 PM
COrrection, I don't have the casting number on the allums. they are LS1 style heads, so the ad says. They came off a 2000 Chevy Silverado 5.3L Vortec Engine.

Oct 16th, 02, 4:43 PM
i should be doing work - but im back again

yeah - the LS1 styles a differnt bolt pattern with only 4 bolts surrounding each chamber instead of the old 5. Seriosly dont know why they changed it.

Looking for Vortecs - Id just buy them new for $450 a set from ( I dont think you have to pay any extra for shipping so the total comes to like $470. Its a bargain for the performance you get.

Oct 16th, 02, 4:53 PM
Need an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold to go along with those Vortec Heads?

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Oct 16th, 02, 4:55 PM
If I find one I can afford, yes.

Peter F.
Oct 17th, 02, 12:20 AM
You do need a Vortec specific intake manifold. One for the older style heads will not fit.


Oct 17th, 02, 9:45 AM
Still hunting heads and trying to find a set that will work for performance. Here is another. GM casting 14022601 with enlarged valves 1.94/1.5 and zz4 springs. 3 angle valve job and GM valves. Non Ported. Will these flow good with enlarged valves? Malibudreamer you said you are <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>p&p'ng a set of 601's right now <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>. Does that mean you are porting or enlarging valves?

Oct 17th, 02, 1:33 PM
P&P = Port & Polish

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Oct 17th, 02, 4:13 PM
I really have no clue on what your engine size/combo is going to be and what your intention is to do.

I originally bought the 601's for me, mostly for parts, they had new compcams 981-16 springs on them and a 3 angle valve job. IMHO i wouldn't do more than a port job on these heads - the chamber is too small and larger valves (unless unshrouded) will not do much. Since i threw a set of ported vortecs on my 307, i dont need these anymore, so they're going on my friends 327 until i talk him into buying vortecs.

601's are baisically only good for 307's and 305's thats the bottom line. If you want a good all around head - buy vortecs they outflow alot of aftermarket heads - especially at low lift. Perfect for street.

I was iffy about vortecs at first, but now i wouldn't settle for anything less. Ok - got it vortecs, vortecs, vortecs, unless your looking for over 500hp - im which case - bigblock, bigblock, bigblock!

any questions

Oct 17th, 02, 4:36 PM
Thanks - I think I got it. I have a Crane 272H cam, 350sbc over 40. So far that is it. I want to do heads first before I buy a intake in case I have to get a vortec bolt pattern. I am not going to spent $500 on heads, but would go for $250 on some good used ones.

I have a set of 462's camels. Would like to port them but they are the original heads on the car and I want to make sure I don't hurt them. I also am not going to pay someone to port them either.

What do you think of the LT1 allumnins.

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Oct 17th, 02, 9:35 PM
LT1 heads only fit LT1 blocks