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: right carb for 327 rebuild

Aug 17th, 04, 11:04 PM
I'm in the process of finding the right engine combo to build a 327.

trying to decide the right carb for weekend driving and an occasional fly by seat ride with a punch. I'm looking at the Edelbrock Performer 600cfm, Edelbrock 650 Thunder Series and the 670 Streek Avenger. What do you think. Here is what I plan to build the spec for the 327.

'68 block going to bore 0.030 over
stock crank
new forged pistons
looking at a 216/216 @.50; .454/.454 lift
intake: Edelbrock square-bore Performer Series or the Holley 300-36 Street Dominator
Heads: 3991492 2.02/1.60 64cc
Distributor: standard distributor with pertonix Electronic ignition conversion kit.
Standard Exhaust manifolds with dual exhaust
TH2004r with stock Torque converter
stock 3.08 rearend
stock oil and fuel pump

What carb would you recommend. I'm also trying to keep a limit on spending.


Aug 18th, 04, 12:13 AM
a used holley off ebay for 30 bucks that is a 600 cfm carb and rebuild it with a under 30 dollar kit and use it........now thats cheap.....and a 600 would do just fine.........

Aug 18th, 04, 12:21 AM
I've heard the older holley's are hard to keep adjusted for daily street driving?

Aug 18th, 04, 12:42 AM
Wouldn't see why AND that 600 cfm, 1850 Holley is just fine!!

AND the price should be just right too....


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Aug 18th, 04, 12:48 AM
Does anyone know what kind of CR is can expect with this combination?

Tom Mobley
Aug 18th, 04, 12:53 AM
With that combination of parts I'd recommend a Quadrajet on a spread-bore manifold. Your 327 will be a lot more responsive and peppy with that setup. I have a very similar 327 in my 57 Chevy pickup, I've had at least a dozen carbs on it. (I'm a carb and engine builder, use it for a test bed.) It's always run best with a Q-jet. After that a 600 Holley has been best. I've been unable to get a AFB type carb running good on it.

Find an auto parts store that sells Holley brand rebuilt carbs, buy one for a mid-70's 350 Corvette. If you really want it to be right research the first year Corvette had integral choke carbs, they were probably hot air types. You can install an electric choke, run a wire to it and you're set.


(my truck has a 780 Holley on it now, it was what I had laying around after I gave the Edelbrock that was on it to somebody. It's a pig around town compared to the Q-jet. Guess I'm going to have to get off my duff and build a Q for it.)

Tom Mobley
Aug 18th, 04, 12:55 AM
with flat-top pistons and those heads you're looking at about 9.25:1, short cam, you'll be running on Premium fuel.


Aug 18th, 04, 1:00 AM
Would anyone recommend a better cam but not too close to stock giving me some good performance?

Mike Feudo
Aug 18th, 04, 1:47 AM
Have you thought about finding a 350 crank? In a heavy car they work better and the pistons are cheaper.

Aug 18th, 04, 6:56 AM
Originally posted by Ragtop67Malibu283:
Would anyone recommend a better cam but not too close to stock giving me some good performance? The cam you mentioned previously is really nice cam for a 327. I'm running it now. A Qj will work great with that cam. If you feel the need to go Holley, a 600 cfm vacuum secondary unit will work.


Aug 18th, 04, 10:20 AM
I have a '69 Impala 235/327 in my Chevy II. Engine is mostly stock, with a performer intake, GK 200/210 @ 0.050 cam, and 1.5" headers.

I was running an 1850 Holley 600 cfm, and I replaced it with a Q-jet from a '79 305 that I rebuilt, and tuned. Car seems to run much better with the Q-jet... throttle is much more responsive, and it seems to pull harder up top.

Even the lightest spring in the vaccum secondaries on the Holley would not cause a bog, and I am not certain my secondaries were even working. Never did figure that one out, and maybe it was just a problem with MY particular 1850. Regardless, I prefer the better part throttle metering of the Q-jet, and I had one laying around, so I yanked the Holley and never looked back. smile.gif

Aug 18th, 04, 10:32 AM
A .030" over 327 with a 64 CC double hump heads, the thin .015" shim headgaskets, down in the hole pistons stock at .025" and about -4 cc valve notches is right at 9.9 CR.

If you have a 210hp/327, you start at 8.75 CR so have about 69 to 70 cc heads on it stock.. (9.25 CR. is about right in there)...

Please go over to the ROSS Racing Pistons web site and play around, it's a hoot..


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Aug 18th, 04, 2:11 PM
How much do you think I would save by getting a 350 crank and cheaper pistons compaired to having the 327 crank turned and buying 327 pistons. Is there really a cost savings involved. How much greater performance would I get out of a 350 crank vs 327 crank. Would I still be able to use the same rods if they check out okay. I still haven't pulled off the crank yet and still need to have the machine shop check out the block, heads, crank, rods and pistons.