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: Anyone using $500 howard's roller cam with retrofit roller lifters?

Mar 5th, 12, 12:22 PM
For my budget build, I am going to replace my original 77 350 top end, which has 8.5:1 CR & 76cc heads and replicate GMPP 350HO:

-GMPP Stock Vortec Heads (#12558060)
-For more lift: LS6 Valve Springs with Comp Cam 787-16 Retainers.
-Edelbrock Performer Vortec Intake (keep my q-jet). I really want the air gap but that means new carb.
- GM Performance #10105117 0.028” composite head gasket to bring up compression even more to around 9.5 :1
-1.5:1 rocker arm
-2500 Stall Converter
-3.73 Gears
-TH350 Automatic
-Long tube headers

For cam shaft, I was thinking about the GMPP 350HO Cam (#24502476) or the Comp Cam XE268H-10 Cam which cost about $200 with new lifters.

With all the ZDDP related issues, I am thinking about going to a retrofit roller cam. The best deal on roller cam with retrofit rollers is the Howard Cam for $500. I am considering the CL110245-10 or CL110245-12. Both have duration @ 0.050” lift: 225-231 and lift of 0.525in-0.525ex. The -10 has 110 lobe separation and the -12 has 112. I am assuming the -10 with 110 lobe separation would have little more aggressive sound.

I have not found any information the web regarding Howard Cam products or any reviews by the major magazines (guess they don’t advertise as much as Comp, Crane or Lunati).

CL110245-10 - Howards Cams Max Efficiency Retrofit Hydraulic Roller Cam and Lifter Kits:

CL110245-12 - Howards Cams Max Efficiency Retrofit Hydraulic Roller Cam and Lifter Kits:

Anyone here using Vortec Heads with Howard’s Roller Cam ?

I would greatly appreciate some feedback.



Highway Star
Mar 5th, 12, 1:04 PM
Howards has been around a long time. Great stuff. Made in the USA, too. I'm running a Howards cam/lifters in my 350.

Mar 5th, 12, 1:30 PM
if you can go roller youre ahead of the game.
Only flat tappets Ive had go bad are these crazy fast ramp extreme type grinds, every last one of them has.
even a reground SSI cheap pos cam, any Isky has always lived.

Mar 5th, 12, 3:16 PM
I know with stock GMPP can and vortec heads, headers, the motor can make about 350hp.

With either the CL110245-10 or CL110245-12 with has more duration and lift, can I make close to 400hp?


Tom Mobley
Mar 5th, 12, 4:45 PM
What are you going to do about the retainers hitting the valve guides on the stock heads? IIRC they can go to about .480 lift.

Highway Star
Mar 5th, 12, 4:54 PM
Here is a drop in kit to solve the vortec retainer to guide clearance issue...good up to .550" lift

Waid, you'll be close with the Howards grind... I'd go for the 110LSA.

Mar 5th, 12, 5:33 PM
I just built a 383 from scratch and used a Howards retro roller. I went with the 110235-12 because I drive my car alot and as an older guy I am sick of a bucking and kicking cam.
I only have about 200 miles on it so far and I like the cam. If I were you and going with a hyd roller I would call the manufacturer and ask which springs to use. It can make a big differance in the performance and life of the cam and lifters.
I replaced a 350 with a brand " C " hyd flat tappet that went flat in less than 2,000 mi.
I suggest a hyd roller in everything.

Tom Mobley
Mar 5th, 12, 8:00 PM
That kit from is interesting. They've also got a similar kit with softer springs for hyd flat tappets. good thinking, cut off the bottom of the retainer flush with the bottom of the keepers.

Highway Star
Mar 5th, 12, 10:49 PM
That kit from is interesting. They've also got a similar kit with softer springs for hyd flat tappets. good thinking, cut off the bottom of the retainer flush with the bottom of the keepers.

Goes back to the "ghetto grind" mentioned in the vortec thread over on nasty28..

This is a great read, and worth posting here.

Mar 6th, 12, 2:03 PM
I am definitely going to go with roller cam.

It seems that almost all of the magazine articles that I came across to increase valve lift on Vortec Heads mentions the Comp Cam #26918 springs. They never seems to mention the significantly cheaper LS6 springs. Set of LS6 spring is $68 and the Comp is $193. The Comp Cam #26918 springs were designed for LS but just happend to fit the Vortec heads.

From Comps website:
“The industry’s best selling Beehive™ Valve Spring has now been totally redesigned for significantly improved performance and durability. Realizing that today’s most aggressive late model engines (especially GM Gen III/LS engines) have evolved beyond the limitations of the original #26918 design, the COMP Cams® engineering team has developed the next generation #26918 Beehive™ Valve Spring. Featuring many of the same manufacturing processes and design secrets as our exotic NASCAR restrictor plate and Daytona Prototype Beehive™ Valve Springs, the new #26918 offers an extended .625” lift capability and added spring pressure to control today’s aggressive camshaft designs.” uu0553dwd2n45))%2FInstructions%2FFiles%2FCOMP4-117.pdf&ei=nk9WT8mdNcTIqgGz4PyDAg&usg=AFQjCNGLk4eN9n-zhhtTyvOhkn5O56yaAg&sig2=R0L3y9VVoQX2fD6zbi74mg

The maximum RPM in the Corvette Z06 is 6500 rpm. My 350 with Vortec heads w/LS6 spring will rarely see 6000 rpm if ever. I am thinking if the GM OEM springs are good enough for high revving LS Roller motors, then they should be good enough for 400hp vortec build. Additionally, with little bit less pressure of the LS6 springs, the cam should last longer.


Mar 6th, 12, 5:19 PM
If the spring can control the valve your good. If the valve floats your not good. Check the spring pressure and how heavy the valves are.

Mar 7th, 12, 8:18 PM
Had a 350 built last spring. 4 bolt block, forged crank, forged pistons, Edelbrock Perf RPM alum heads (9.6:1 comp), roller rockers, Howard's hyd roller cam (#110245-10) & lifters. My engine builder suggested Howards. Said he uses a lot of them - good power & can't be beat for the money. Runs great and on his dyno got 450HP & 450 Torque!

Mar 7th, 12, 11:14 PM
Funny to fall on this thread, I worked at Howards in the cam shop for 3 years and my most recent engine was for a late model stock car, Mike Hughes, is the cam designer and we worked on a hydraulic roller for my engine, the cam was amazing my rules limited me to vortec heads 1.25 springs (1.5 1.94valves) 355ci, performer rpm intake, and a 2300 2bbl carb we made over 400 hp with my combo and the first time practicing the car we were making laps that were among the fastest qualifiying laps any night on a horrible setup and old tires!

The best thing about the Howards stuff is that it is ground on a Landis CNC machine and Checked on an Adcole machine.

Give Billy Fischer at Howards a call at 920-233-5228

forums are great but talking to a professional will leave you feeling great.
Their products are less money because they do huge volume now the cnc machine can complete a cam in about 10 min, it used to take me a minimum of an hour per cam on the manual Berco machines Howards had before switching the majority of the work to the Landis.

Mar 11th, 12, 3:38 PM
Would I be able to hit my goal of 400hp with Howards Cams 110235-12 or 110235-10 with standard Edelbrock Performer Spreadbore Intake with my Q-jet?

I know I will have to modify the idle circuit with this higher output as described here: