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: What are fuelie heads and how can I identify them

Jan 8th, 05, 10:09 PM
Hi guys, I am going to build a sbc for my 64 chevelle,and found some fuelie heads(for$50.00)that are supposed to fit a 350 block. How can I identify them and are they even something I would want to use to run in the 11-12 range? I've heard them mentioned but never explained. These same guys also have a 327 block that I am thinking about building for my 64 ss so how would I go about knowing if it is any good and worth $100.00? Thanks so much for your help,you guys are great.

Jan 9th, 05, 12:13 AM

IMHO, real fuelie heads are the -461's!!

Both the medium and big valve ones!!

The medium valved ones were used on the 315hp/283 FI motors and the big valved ones were used on the 375hp/327 FI motors!!

AND I have a set of -461 big valve heads that are virgin EXCEPT for screw-in and pinned studs!!

THEY have the factory plunge cut around the intake valves that you can see and feel. The plunge cut opens up the normally 62 to 64 cc chambers to right at 66 cc's!! AND mine cc right at 66 cc's..



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Jan 9th, 05, 1:08 AM
Thanks pdq67 for the info. How can I know the ones I am loking at are the real thing and which variety? Are they what I would need for my sbc build? Thanks again.

Jan 9th, 05, 2:03 PM
PDQ, I'm with you on the 461's. Had a set of the 1.94's on my 327, would spin to 8k no problem. Ended up selling them for $40 bare a few years back to a stock car racer. 160cc intake port was the biggest back then, except for the 461X, at 170cc. Chevelleman, just about any "camelback" head is dubbed "fuelie" nowadays. Look for the distinct double hump casting on the ends of the head. Not square, not triangle, but 2 humps kinda the outline shape of the stud side of a pushrod guideplate. Get the last 3 digits of the casting number and post them up for us, it'll tell alot about the head.

Jan 10th, 05, 1:21 AM
Thanks Cameano for the info. Are these heads only good for fuel injection applications or can they be carburated? I'm tying to decide if it's worth the trouble to go look at these or not. What do you think about a 327 block to build for my 64ss velle? I'm wanting to use it as street only. I'm currently running a stock 302 out of an '88 pontiac but would like to possibly run a stronger motor. thanks for any suggestions.

The Rebel
Jan 10th, 05, 1:44 AM
Hey CM64, if the heads you are looking at have 461 or 462 casting #s(last 3 digits of casting #) they will work perfect on a 327 or 350 engine with flat top pistons. This, with a mild cam will make a super street runner. will walk circles around that 302 or whatever it is you have in there now. Rebel

Jan 10th, 05, 2:00 AM
Hey Rebel, thanks so much for the info. Would those heads be good enough to build a 383 stroker to use in a street/strip car to run 11-12's? Thanks, chevelleman64

Jan 10th, 05, 5:40 AM
The "Fuelie" heads can be used on pretty much any SBC. They got the name "Fuelie heads" because they were used on the early Fuel injected SBCs.
They were also used on a lot of other "high performance" applications including 327s, 302s, etc.
If you're looking to get into the 11s, or 12s, there are much better options in the aftermarket.
I'm not saying they aren't decent heads, but with todays tchnology, there are MUCH better heads available.
FWIW, I'm running the 461s on a fairly radical 355, and it does run well. I've never had it to the strip, but it's one hell of a street machine.
In my 69 Nova, I would expect at least high 12s...maybe a little better, but no time slips to back that up yet.
If you can pick them up $50.00, unless they're junk, I'd grab them.
And...the 327 is surely worth $100.00 if it's in re-buildable condition.
That would make a nice high winding street motor in your 64.

Jan 10th, 05, 11:15 AM
With a 383 capable of 11's, you will probably want newer technology. Dart, World Products, AFR, the brands are endless. Read up in past issues of Super Chevy on the smallblock build and test. Lots of good info.

Jan 10th, 05, 4:55 PM
Lot's of information on this site


Jan 10th, 05, 6:29 PM
if one were to go to a junkyard what kind of car would you find a decent set of fuelie heads in?

Are there any other heads known for performance out there that can be used as-is for a few months on a 383 stroker?

Jan 10th, 05, 8:33 PM
I ran a 327 for years in my old 65 chevelle and the best time was 12.18@114mph on slicks. I ran 041 casting heads that were ported,polished and flowed with 2.02/1.60 valves. These heads were 68 cc chambers and I had to have them milled to get them to 64.5cc to get compression. I also ran .100 dome Keith Black pistons. There are better heads out there for the money you have to spend on OE castings, I had about a $1,000 into mine and if I had the money all at once, I would have ran a aftermarket head. low 12`s, high 11`s is possible with a 327 but these motors need at least 10.5 to 1 compression and alot of gear and a big stall or 4spd. When I had 3.08 gears it ran 13.03@105mph and was my daily driver. Once I had 4.56 gears in it, it ran the best times but with a 26" tire wasn`t much fun on the freeway and it took away alot of my footbrake stall. I think you would be better off with a 350 or 383 to get the extra torque. As much as I love the 327`s, they don`t make much low end torque.

Back to your original question, most people call the "camel hump" heads fuelies but as stated before, only the 461 were true fuelies. There are several closed chambered heads with different casting numbers and markings that will perform as well and a original fuelie head. You need to get the last 3 numbers from the casting numbers and look them up. WWW.mortec.com (http://WWW.mortec.com) is a good sight to look up casting numbers.

Jan 11th, 05, 1:10 AM
I went to see them today to get the numbers but it was to dark. They looked pretty bad as they had been siting outside for 10 years the guy told me. Is it worth another trip when there is more light or are thet too rusty to bother? Thanks for all of the interest. chevelleman64

Jan 11th, 05, 2:59 AM
Personally I would`nt put money into stock heads again unless they were for a stock motor. Think about it like this, you have the initial cost of the heads, then to clean them, acid dip them if they are very rusty, mag them, then you have the price of the parts and the labor. When I did my heads the firast time, I had about $700 into them and they were basicaly a stock rebuild with 2.02/1.6 valves and Z28 springs. Look into the late model vortec heads or one of the aftermarket heads. Sometimes they are cheaper than rebuilding the stock heads. Another thing is that the fuelie heads are old technology and the current aftermarket heads will out perform them everytime.

Jan 12th, 05, 1:26 AM
Thanks for the advice Anthony, I will look into some of the later technology heads. What do you think about the afr 195ccs for a 383 stroker for a street/strip car?

Jan 12th, 05, 2:46 AM
Originally posted by chevelleman64:
Thanks for the advice Anthony, I will look into some of the later technology heads. What do you think about the afr 195ccs for a 383 stroker for a street/strip car? The AFR heads are my head of choice when it comes to aftermarket heads but most people can`t afford them. The 195 heads on a 383 would be a great head. Just match the compression to the cam. I would keep compression to about 9.5-10 to 1 and hit up UD Harold for a cam pick. Good luck.

Jan 13th, 05, 1:04 AM
Thanks again Anthony for your help, I'll keep you posted.

Jan 13th, 05, 9:31 AM
Springsteen had the very rare BB fuelie heads on his 396 in "Racin' in the Street" - the Holy Grail of Chevy parts. J/K - had to...

Jan 14th, 05, 11:00 PM
you eaither got a 1.94 intake valve or a 2.02 the true fuelie heads came on the fuel injected vette 283 and were 461x with 180 cc intake runners. if your looking for heads i have 2 sets of fuelies. 461 and 461 x for sale