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: Cragar uni-lug washer. Offset or Center?

Aug 31st, 11, 11:55 PM
I have been running uni-lug Cragars for several years now. I know you need to use a special lug/washer combo. They have both a centered and offset (oval) shaped washer.
You can see the different options here.
I read on here from a very old post that the 5X4.75 use the centered washer. Can anyone confirm that? I am currently using the offset washers on my setup and they are a pain in the ass. If I should be running the centered ones, that might make my life easier.
Here is the old thread that mentions it.

Sep 1st, 11, 12:00 AM
If kind of makes sense that it would be the round ones now that I think about it. The unilug covers 5 x 4.5/4.75/5
GM's run the 4.75 which is in the middle. So maybe the round ones are for GM. I really think they need to specify the washer type for each lug pattern. This seems to have caused hotrodder headaches for awhile now.

Sep 1st, 11, 10:25 AM
I have ETIV slotted mags on front that use these, they need to center hole washers.

You can order them online very very cheap if you search around.

Sep 2nd, 11, 4:38 PM
No one else? I just wanted a few heads nodding the same direction before I bought a handfull of these centered washers.

Sep 2nd, 11, 5:25 PM

I am about positive those are the ones I ordered. Cheap enough you could just order a set of each if you like.

But yeah your thinking is correct. 4.5" pattern use the offset with them flipped inward, 5" use them flipped out, and 4.75" use center hole washers.

EDIT: Keep in mind this it only if the wheels have a recessed slot for the washer...some unilugs such as my Westersn just have a slotted hole and use a regular old shanked mag lugnut and round washer.