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: Drag Radials vs. ET Street

69 Post Sedan
Aug 14th, 11, 1:26 PM
Which is a better tire for the street, Drag Radials or ET Street? I am asking this question for my friend as he needs tires for the rear. He doesn't go on far trips with the car and he has slicks for the strip.

He currently has BF Goodrich Comp T/A Drag Radials and has been happy with them.

I have my opinion but I know most of you have had more seat time than I have.

Here is a link for some pictures and a video of his car.


Thanks, Kurt

Calculated Risk
Aug 14th, 11, 1:32 PM
Drag radials...

Aug 14th, 11, 1:42 PM
I'm on my 5th set of M/T ET Street Radials...love them!! Been using them since they first came out.

69 Post Sedan
Aug 14th, 11, 1:54 PM
I really like the ET Streets that I have on my car because of the "look" and it's really sticky but I see a lot of guys are running the M/T Drag radials. To me the ET Streets appear to be a slick that's DOT approved. That's why we are trying to figure out which is better.

I will tell you this, I know of a Fox body Mustang with a stick using ET Streets that runs in the mid 11's and that car hooks very well when he launches it on the street.

Aug 14th, 11, 2:23 PM
The bias ply tend to hook better on the street buy they drive like crap.
Go radials.

Aug 14th, 11, 2:31 PM
For me, ET Street radials have been the best so far for the street. I have also run bias ET Streets and bias ET Drag tires. The ET Street radials hook and drive better.

Aug 14th, 11, 3:16 PM
I left the MT Drag Radials on the car after the last outing a few weeks ago. Much better on dry roads than when running the BFG TA's. Wet weather will be another story.

Aug 14th, 11, 4:44 PM
The bias ply tend to hook better on the street buy they drive like crap.
Go radials.

Ha ha ha...no doubt!

I have both of these sets...haven't had the radials on the track yet, but the ET streets did pretty good for me on the track considering track conditions were horrible! On the street, the radials drive very nice & are a huge upgrade over bfg's:D...on my car they would recover fairly good in second if I nail it...won't recover in first unless I let off the throttle! ET streets recover very good on the street...too damn fun, but they are all over the road & pick everything up! I say go radials on the street:thumbsup:

Aug 14th, 11, 6:39 PM
I'm very impressed with the ride and wear of the ET Street radials, but with a stick car and low gears, they aren't much good when it comes to street traction. But I don't know what is. But on a sticky track, they suprised me how well they bit. I'd like to try some bias ET streets, but I drive the car too much to give up the ride and wear.

Aug 14th, 11, 8:47 PM
I love the MT ET street radials and have tried the MT ET Streets. I agree that the ET streets "look" better but the radials are a much better tire. I have hit my best 60ft on those tires of 1.38

69 Post Sedan
Aug 14th, 11, 11:04 PM
Thanks for the replies. It appears to be Drag Radials. Now he will have to make the choice of BFG's, M/T or Hoosiers.

I am guessing BFG's since that's the brand he has up front.


Aug 15th, 11, 1:29 AM
I like drag radials myself, and have used them a lot on the street, and to a lesser degree at the track too. I went through four pair of drag radials with street driving in the Marauder I had. I really liked them. they grip considerably better than standard street radials both on and off the track. If you want the best of both worlds as far as the best traction and driving stability, then maybe Hoosier drag radials are the way to go. I cannot say that I've used them yet, but our board member "ROWDY" who has them on his street driven 540 CID powered 67 Chevelle swears by them, and claims that even on the street they hook a little better than the M/T "ET Street radials" do. Althuogh they aren't supposed to be for highway use, they do have an official D.O.T. rating stamped right on them. But I'm quite sure that you would really need to drive like a granny with them if you ever got caught in the rain if you value your life and your car. :yes: Cuz the Hoosier DR's have even less tread on them than the M/T ET Street radials do. The Hoosiers merely have two straight parallel grooves in them for treads. That's it.

Aug 15th, 11, 1:41 AM
ET RADIALS for sure!!. he has slicks for the track, why F@#k with the ****ty driving bias on the street. I found the ET radial to hook very well on the street even with my stickshift.

Aug 15th, 11, 10:47 AM
If he has slicks for the track, I would look into a MT radial or even better a Nitto 555R.

The nittos are way stickier than a street tire and can last 15k-20k miles (one guy claimed to get 29k with them but they were down to the cords). They are also cheaper. Perfect street tire for a toy. They are SUPERB in the rain until the middle section wears out. When the tread is still deep they are the best tires I've driven in the rain.

The MT are noted for quicker wear and people claim they are stickier but my best 60ft with them was 1.77 (hooking rolling into throttle) versus consistent 1.79 (spinning very slightly) with a Nitto. On wet pavement they are scary even when brand new due to the tread design.

The BFG drag radials are notorious for wearing out very very quickly. Would not be my choice for a street tire.

Aug 15th, 11, 11:03 AM
Having run both, the radial drives MUCH better. The bias tire seems to have this floating feel to it - not safe IMO. They all hook decent on the street.

Aug 15th, 11, 11:58 AM
He will be a lot happier if he runs the M/T ET Street Radials. The Hoosiers wear out fast and the BFG's don't compare to the M/T's.

Your questions was which tires to choose between the ET Streets and ET Street radials. I think that's what a lot of guys said go with the ET Street radials. If you would have said Hoosier, BFG Radials, you may have gotten a different answer.