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: ARP flywheel and clutch bolts

Jun 12th, 11, 1:09 AM
I bought a McLeod clutch and flywheel along with ARP bolts for both. The ARP Flywheel bolts don't include washers of any kind. The ARP pressure plate bolts have lock washers. Does this sound right?

I have heard that you shouldn't use lock washers on pressure plate bolts. Should I use them? Should I use loctite on any of these bolts?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Jun 12th, 11, 1:21 AM
no washers came with my flexplate bolts, so no washer was used and i used blue loctite

not sure about the pressure plate bolts though

Jun 12th, 11, 2:02 AM
I run an auto, but for what its worth, I have arp bolts in my flexplate and torque converter, no washers and red locktite, I'm paranoid about them coming apart!

Jun 12th, 11, 2:35 AM
my last stick shift set-up had mrgasket bolts with outside star washers for the flywheel and regular lock washers on the pressure plate assembly. :)

Jun 12th, 11, 10:04 AM
I run ARP bolts on my setup and that is correct NO washers on the flywheel bolts. You should of gotten a small piece of paper with them that tells you to NOT use lock washers or star washers. I use a drop of loctite. All good so far.

Calculated Risk
Jun 12th, 11, 10:42 AM
I do not use locktite on flywheel/flexplate bolts. I use the ARP lube and I torque them to the correct spec in order to acheive the correct preload. If your using locktite i hope you called ARP to get the correct torque spec. The spec given with the directions is for the ARP lube or 30wt motor oil.

Jun 12th, 11, 3:20 PM
I just reinstalled my flywheel into my 69 with ARP bolts.

No washers...ARP instructions for my ARP 100-2801 were 60 ft/lb with ARP lube or 85 with 30 wt engine oil.

My clutch bolts were no ARP and did use lock washers-used the OEM spec of 30 ft/lb with no lube.

ARP says you can go to their website and download the instructions...don't believe these are loaded yet...

Good Luck!


Jun 13th, 11, 8:41 AM
Use the bolts as supplied. That is how they are designed. I use red loctite on the bolts.