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: Fast EZ EFI

Jun 4th, 11, 10:26 PM
Hey everyone,broke open the piggy bank today and picked up a FAST EZ EFI . Looking forward to installing it SAP.

Jun 4th, 11, 11:34 PM
I've got mine up and running. Starts and runs good. Will be a couple of weeks untill I can drive it. Only problems I had with the install was I was 2 ft short on fuel line to finish the return. And getting the fittings on sucked! Ended up clamping a bulkhead fitting I had in the vise so I had something solid to push against. Just screws the hose end on it lube with a little grease. Then used a heat gun pointed right at the end of the hose, useing gloves get it nice and hot and push with everything you got. Boiling didn't much work for me. Could only get it on about 3/4 the way and had to boil again. Just took to long.

Jun 6th, 11, 12:11 AM
I was thinking of using up my left over steel braided stuff, and since I'am doing a frame replacement at the same time, I 'am going to use 3/8'' stainless hard line where I can. I have an AN flaring tool, so everything is going to be AN.

Jun 7th, 11, 4:50 PM
I had major problems getting on the fittings so I switched to a combination of braided SS and aeroquip push lock hose. It's cheap, goes on easy, and doesn't leak. I did have to order some extra fittings from Summit as the supplied ones weren't enough for my installation. I also used some adapters to go from hard line to AN that use a compression sleeve. Real handy when you are under the car and don't want to remove your newly installed hard line to flare it.

Jun 7th, 11, 9:10 PM
Boiling the hose for 15 min then, with the fitting in a vice and a squirt of spray lube, I got the hose on pretty good. By no means though, do you have to use the hose in the kit, whatever works is fine, so long as it doesn't leak.

Jun 8th, 11, 12:50 AM
I tried everything to get the supplied Fragola hose on and succeeded with one fitting after boiling for 45 min coupled with a lot of force and swearing. The Aeroquip hose went on so easy I thought it would leak but no problems. We have a specialty fitting place in town and we measured the Fragola fittings and found them to be exactly the same size and design as the more expensive Areoquip push lock units. I still have about 20 ft of unused Fragola hose in my garage.