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: Are GM Crate Engines Already Broke In

May 14th, 04, 3:45 PM
Are crate engines already broke in by GM? I have a new ZZ4 with roller cam. Itís my assumption the cam break in is not as critical as solid or hydraulic lifters do to the design of the roller there is nothing to break in? So the normal 30 minute higher RPM initial run time is not necessary.

May 14th, 04, 3:54 PM
If it has a roller cam, no cam break in is required.

May 14th, 04, 6:57 PM
NO they are not broken in. I got a roller cam motor too, and even though they don't require break in, I figure what the heck it can't hurt. I had Sallee chevy dyno it before it was shipped. They broke it in first, that way if something was going to fly out of the engine it would have done so on the dyno, and not after I put in all that work installing it!

May 14th, 04, 7:20 PM
I started my ZZ4 up and ran it for about 10 minutes to get the timing set and adjust the carb, then changed the oil right away and it was full of crap (looked like glitter). I ran it for a few hours during the course of the next week, and changed it again with it hot. It still had some crap in it, but not near as bad. Went three months then, and the oil looked good at that change. I took it easy for the first few hundred miles then had at it. No problems 4 years later. The rings need time to seat, but otherwise, you'll be good to go if you do the oil change right away. One problem I did have though, was the waterpump fan mounting surface wasn't square, and the fan wobbled. That was a bit of a bummer, but otherwise, it's been a great SB.

May 14th, 04, 11:13 PM
Befor this message string. I was going to back off the torque converter from the flywheel, and run the engine by it's self.

The 700R4 is also new so I would have had two separate break-ins to consider.


May 15th, 04, 11:18 AM
Hey Brob,

Here is the info from Sallee Chevrolet on crate motor break-in

May 15th, 04, 12:46 PM
Thanks Tim. Small world Sallee Chev.,is where I bought my engine. Never heard of (EOS) supplement. Off to the GM dealer.

May 15th, 04, 1:41 PM
Already broken in? Hell mine was not even built right. I bought a 454 some time ago (years really but the key is I got it BEFORE MEXICO came into the mix) and one rod cap was on BACKWARDS!!! It had been POUNDED ON by "The Number 1 Team". Good think I took the motor apart to look for just such things..

I don't know where the BB crate engines are built now and I don't know what engine plant built mine. Considering GM's quality record lately with motors and transmissions and considering all the off shoring to Mexico and considering just the general level of trash being built in the current "Cheap is good" mentality well BE VERY CAREFUL

May 15th, 04, 1:54 PM
My father was aprofessional mechanic, mostly working on GM cars and he always swore by EOS. I do wonder if it has changed from the miracle drug he loved.

Oman, you are right, I have had my share of struggles. One of the more irritating was the 1/8" pipe plug they put into the oil pressure port. I thought I'd never get the d**n thing out. graemlins/angry.gif Why they couldn't have used something other than Loctite red (just joking) is beyond me. Also, the timing pointer set up is not to swift. There is the scribed line on the damper, and a single point on the timing cover. I guess if you don't want to use stock timing, you have to spend $$ on a dial timing light or do something else.

May 15th, 04, 2:40 PM
isn't the damper on the ZZ4 marked in 2 degree increments from about 50 degrees BTDC to about 10 degrees ATDC? i know the damper is listed as being marked in the GMPP catalog. that would make it pretty easy to time it without a special timing light or timing tape.

May 15th, 04, 3:31 PM
Do I remember correctly? EOS is no longer available in California? CA doesn't like the zinc content or somesuch. Perhaps the "Governator" thinks it's a performance enhancer that gives you heart problems later.

May 16th, 04, 4:39 AM
All the new GM crates engines have been broken in the same way the production line engines are, you didn't think they sat on the assembly line runnig a new car for 20 mins at 1500 RPM did you?

The old day LS6 454 weren't broken in, I took mine apart and found the rod bolts were not torqued to the correct specs, but the 330 hp 350 I just did everything was right on the money, and the cam had the start of a wear pattern.

May 16th, 04, 6:26 AM
What does (EOS) supplement stand for.Never mind I just bought some $9.59

May 16th, 04, 12:33 PM
Originally posted by novaderrik:
isn't the damper on the ZZ4 marked in 2 degree increments from about 50 degrees BTDC to about 10 degrees ATDC?Hey Novederrik, you're right! graemlins/beers.gif Thanks for the heads up. The marks are so faint, they are almost not there. I am not sure I could even see them with the timing light.

May 17th, 04, 1:52 AM
I hear ya on the timing marks. I painted the ones on my 454HO crate with white paint in 10 deg increments starting at 0 deg.

May 17th, 04, 12:01 PM
What does (EOS) supplement stand for Engine Oil Supplement