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: Where to find information on TRW pistons?

tbmc 96
Oct 21st, 03, 1:46 AM
I have had in a box in our coat closet for several years (gotta appreciate a wife that lets you keep car parts inside the house :D ) a set of forged TRW pistons part # 7053P. They are 0.060 454 pistons and I believe for open chamber heads. I purchased them as hand me downs from a friend several years ago with plans to use them on my next engine project, or for when I blow up my flat-top 454. Anyway, I have searched the web and Federal-Moguls website and cannot find any information about them. However, I believe they are the same piston as the now Speed Pro part # L2465f60. Anyone have any ideas how to verify this assumption? Here's a picture:

tbmc 96
Oct 21st, 03, 1:49 AM
Oops, wrong button graemlins/clonk.gif

Oct 21st, 03, 8:44 AM
Your machine shop should have an interchange book. That number is an older Speed Pro number, before they consolidated and started using the "old" TRW numbers. If they cant help you, I will see if I have a minute to look it up for you when I get to the shop.

Oct 21st, 03, 12:02 PM
I think it's the LS6 replacement. Closed chamber 11.0 piston. I believe it is a press fit pin piston.
Try L2349F & see if it isn't the same

tbmc 96
Oct 21st, 03, 3:20 PM
Thanks Bill and Mike for your replies. Mike you were right. Since I couldn't find any info on the web, I simply called FM and got through to a person right away. So it took about a minute phone call, and I spent over an hour on the web, graemlins/clonk.gif .

Next questions, since they are LS6 style closed -chamber pistons, how well will they work with 781 heads. I know they were ran together before with the 781's currently on my motor, as I bought the package deal from a friend. However, would this be asking for trouble or any other issues?

Oct 21st, 03, 8:56 PM
They should work very well. About 10.0 with a 119cc head but as I recall you need to check the dome for clearance around the edges as they are designed for a closed chamber head. Should be fine but checking is a good idea.
Just put some clay on the dome & turn the engine over to be sure you have at least .040 or more. If not a little massaging is in order ;)
The easy way is to put the head on with no gasket & see if it clears everywhere assuming you are using a std FelPro .040 gasket.

Oct 22nd, 03, 6:40 PM
I have an old catalog that list them as open chamber heads only with a 270 dome for a 454 compression is 11.34/100.9 cc 10.69/106.9 cc
10.44 /100.9cc 9.78/116.9 cc 9.60/ 124 cc and has a pressed pin hope that helps

Oct 23rd, 03, 7:38 AM
The 7053P are the same as the TRW L-2349F. It is a forged duplicate for the factory 1970 LS-6 piston (11:1 cr with closed chamber heads).

This is a closed chamber piston but will work with open chamber heads. Standard bore has a .265" dome(30.6cc). A .030" over bore piston has a .221" dome (29.4cc). The .060" over bore piston has a .210" dome (27.9cc). This info comes from an old Speed Pro catalog. Hope this helps.

tbmc 96
Oct 24th, 03, 1:56 AM
Thanks for all your help. You guys definitely covered my question. Isn't this a crazy hobby...my current combination only has a few hundred miles on it, and I'm already contemplating my next combination :D .