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: driveshaft length

Dec 17th, 98, 9:28 AM
I have a '71 that used to have a powerglide
trans in it. I'm replacing the engine/trans
with a 350/400. Aside from the slip yoke
being different, will the driveshaft that
was used with the powerglide fit with the
turbo 400? Is the length the same?
Any other differences?
Thanks alot for your help.

70 Elky
Dec 17th, 98, 9:43 AM
I had a new driveshaft built and it is 57" center to center of the u-joints for my 350/400 short tailshaft with a 12 bolt.

Wes V
Dec 17th, 98, 9:51 AM

Just to be careful (paranoid?), once you get everything in place, you should contact the shop that is going to do the driveshaft work and find out how they want measurements taken.


Dec 17th, 98, 4:09 PM
Wes is correct. FWIW, I work at a driveline shop. We constantly get customers who will come in with a shaft and say they want it shortened 3 inches, or made 3 inches longer, or whatever. We ask them for a measurement from the end of the output shaft to the flats (center of rear joint) on the rear yoke. Some will insist that they only want it shortened, or whatever and refuse to give the measurement we ask for. Then, when they come back after it doesn't fit, they want us to redo it for free. They usually have the correct measurement we need at this point and grumble when we charge them again.

BTW, don't even waste time trying to find a shaft to fit, just take yours to a driveline shop and have them modify it to fit, it will save you lots of headaches and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing it was done right. It doesn't cost that much anyway, and will be cheaper in the long run than if the shaft you try to make fit falls out and starts breaking more parts. Have tham replace any questionable joints, and make sure it gets balanced.

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