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: BB: stock intake manifold vs edelbrock and stock exhaust vs headers

northern 396
Jan 16th, 05, 11:29 AM
I'm rounding up the pieces to rebuild my 1967 396. I'd like it to have a nicer sound and more power than stock. But it is for the street, not the strip.

I have the correct 1967 350 hp heads and 585 cfm holley. It likely will have a moderate street cam, forged TRW pistons (9.5 or 10 to 1 compression), and roller tip rockers that fit under stock valve covers. Although it will be balanced, I don't expect it will see high RPMs.

So far I haven't bought an intake manifold or exhaust manifolds. One option is to look for the correct intake manifold, not easy to find with the right date. Another possibility is to use an Edelbrock Performer intake. I'm wondering how many more horsepower the Edelbrock will give compared to the stock unit.

Similarly, I'm debating about whether to look for the correct exhaust manifolds or go with headers. Again, how much of a performance difference would I notice?

Thanks for the benefit of your experience.

mr 4 speed
Jan 16th, 05, 12:48 PM
I've never run a stock intake on a BBC at the track,but I doubt there would be any difference if any between a Performer and the stock 67 unit,other it being lighter.I ran a 12.99 with a Performer on my 454.
I picked up almost a half second and nearly 6 MPH ditiching the stock manifolds and 2" tailpipes going to headers and a full 2.5" exhaust

Jan 16th, 05, 2:46 PM
if you want to try and keep the engine looking stock use the cast iron highrise manifold.........not sure if you was referring to that above or the low rise cast iron unit....... the cast iron high rise intake is just as good as the far as im concerened.... i have ran the low rise and high rise at the track along with many others.....and there really isnt enough difference between the stock high rise and eddy performer to get worked up about....

exhaust on the other hand.....there sure is a big difference there.......choke it or open it up with headers......but then again....should i keep it stock or go with headers.........if you go with cast iron intake go with stock exhaust.............if you go with alum. intake go with a nice set of coated headers.........

it kinda compliments each other.....ya its all stock but the intake and headers...kinda ordeal........stock engine with just headers on them that i have seen at car shows just look out of place..........."oh look they have headers on this nice stock engine, they must have given up looking for the correct exhaust and just threw headers on it"............jmo.......

Jan 16th, 05, 6:59 PM
You can probably get a used Performer 2-0 real cheap. I removed the Edelbrock and Performer Logo with a finishing disc, then coated the manifold with S/S coating. I have it in my '69 and have had many people ask me if the motor is a 396/375. With the writing removed, most don't even notice the lack of GM marks.

michael n mississippi
Jan 16th, 05, 8:28 PM
i am running an old 66 holly slanted back intake. it does a great job. also have a set of 66 cast xhaust mannies . yea talking about hard to find. good luck on the search for, them there cast bigblock exhaust manifolds(aka hensteeth). them thangs was thrown away and blackjack and thrush installed.

Mike Feudo
Jan 16th, 05, 8:43 PM
The stock intake is better than the Performer by a pretty good margin. For some reason Edelbrock made the performer to fit peanut port heads not Std ovals.

Jan 17th, 05, 12:47 PM
You can get a large oval port Performer too..


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Jan 18th, 05, 10:25 AM
Look on E-bay for a Edelbrock C-396 intake they are dual plane & a great intake all the way thru the rpm range, I have one on my 396 & love it. There is also a single plane Edelbrock intake for big block Chevys that does quite well it is the Torker, not the twisted one but the straight one