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Feb 17th, 10, 1:41 AM
Hey Guys,
Be gentle, I'm an woman that's had lots of built cars, but it's been quite a few years. I have a 66 Skylark (I know I know) with a 383 stroker in it. I bought it like that, so here is my question......It has an electric fuel pump which I am not a fan of, it's been a pain in the a** since we got the car. Leaks, etc etc. I have never had a 383 stroker before, I've had 454's 427's 396's, but that was in my younger years, I've forgotten alot of the knowledge that I did acquire. Here is all the specs the guy we bought it from, pardon my stupidity, but could I put a manual fuel pump, and if so what do you suggest? Any tips anyone could give me on this engine would be much appreciated! Specs:

1967 327 Two Bolt Main Board Out to a 383 Stroker
Polished Hardened Scat Crank
Polished ZMX Beam Rods
Speed Pro Flat Top Hypereutetic Pistons (Can handle 125 - 150 Shot Nos)
Dart Iron Eagle Heads (With 202 Valves)
Polished Combustion Chambers
Erson Cam (.575" / .575" deration 305 degree)
Erson Rocker Arms 3/8" 1.6
Pete Jackson Dual Idler Gear Drive
Holly 800 CFM Carborator (4 Barrel)
Edelbroc Intake Manifold

Alimunim Radiator
K&N Air Filter
Holly Electric Fuel Pump
Brand new rear Shocks
Brand new rear Springs
Brand new rear air bags
Hooker Headers
Brand new dual Magniflow Exhaust (Runs out the back)
B&M Shifter
TH350 Transmission (3 speed)
Brand new battery (In the trunk)
Brand new Front Sway Bar 1 1/4"

Any tips, and how about a manual fuel pump?

Thanks in advance, Gail

second childhood
Feb 17th, 10, 7:42 AM
mechanical pump on a 327 block:yes: and welcome to the forum. How do you like the whine of the gear drive? We did it that way in the old days.

Feb 17th, 10, 1:02 PM
Welcome to the site. I love Skylarks,sounds pretty nice.

Feb 17th, 10, 1:06 PM
I don't think there will be any big problems converting it back to a manual fuel pump. Where the electric one mounted now?

Welcome, and it sounds like the car is a runner!

I have gear drive in the 468 in my Camaro. I am not sure I like it. If I change cams, I think I am going back to a double roller timing chain.

Feb 17th, 10, 1:39 PM
Thanks for the welcomes and advice!! The gear drive......I kinda like it, and kinda not...Does that make sense? LOL I never had one before, I always had a double roller, so at first the sound was kinda neat like a blower, but I really go back and forth't like ....
My electric fuel pump is mounted beside the gas tank, to the fellow that asked.
I can't wait till all this cold and snow is gone, I want to get the old girl out of the garage to play a little :hurray: Now if I can just win the lottery and get hubby a 67 SS......He bought one that was almost new when he got back from Viet Nam, but while he was driving it to work, he rolled it. We laugh now because he didn't want to pay $300 to get a new roof put on it so he sold it to the guy for the motor.....It makes him sick every time he thinks about it. You older guys on here know how cheap and plentiful cars were back then, I would love to have all the cars I traded off, I would be like Donald Trump now!! ;)

Feb 17th, 10, 1:56 PM
If you are looking for a 67 SS, this one is for sale. Not sure how close it is to you. Another person posted this link too.

Should not be too hard to convert that fuel pump back. Worst case scenario would be you have to change all of the fuel lines, but I am pretty sure you won't have to do that.

Feb 17th, 10, 8:11 PM
Your can either replace your electric pump with another electric one or remove it and add a mechanical pump to the block.

Feb 17th, 10, 10:45 PM
S-o-o-o-o-o you're a lady?

Members always ask for pictures, pictures and some more pictures. Did you guys forget????

GoTTT pictures???:thumbsup:

Feb 18th, 10, 4:48 PM
S-o-o-o-o-o you're a lady?

Members always ask for pictures, pictures and some more pictures. Did you guys forget????

GoTTT pictures???:thumbsup:

you read my mind:yes:

Feb 18th, 10, 4:53 PM
Hi Gail. :waving:

Mar 19th, 10, 7:10 PM
Ok Guys and gals, I have decided to take the electric fuel pump off and go to a mechanical pump. With my engine specs. in the above post, what pump would you recommend? Any suggestions greatly appreciated! :yes:

Mar 19th, 10, 10:53 PM

Mar 19th, 10, 10:58 PM
get the biggest Carter pump that doesn't need a regulator.

Mar 20th, 10, 2:13 AM
Thanks for the reply, I'll look into them!

Mar 20th, 10, 3:17 AM
I'm running a Carter 172gph pump and am very happy with it. I think its the biggest mechanical you can get without needing a reg, outputs 7psi all by itself.

With your motor though, unless your hitting 8K RPM for extended periods of time is probably overkill, but will certainly do the job. Any of the higher volume Carter pumps will work great!

Mar 20th, 10, 2:17 PM
Stikman, thanks for the you know what would be a good one without so much output. If that one would do good, I'll check it out, but do you have any suggestions of something with a little less "ump"? I will just be driving on the street, no heavy duty running or racing.
Thanks, Gail

Mar 20th, 10, 3:38 PM

this looks like a good one- it says right in the description that it is an Edelbrock pump. since Carter no longer sells a pump that looks like this with the big 3/8" NPT inlet and outlet, this might be the way to go. cheap, too.