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Jan 13th, 10, 12:01 AM
Assuming there's no significant rain between now and January 24, 2010, it looks like it's time for another Cruise the Crest.

So, as usual we should meet at the Shell Station off the ACH exit and the 210 freeway.

Heading toward Pasadena on the 210, take the first exit east of the 2/210 interchange, turn right at the end of the ACH exit ramp and then quickly left into the Shell station. Heading away from Pasadena on the 210, you turn left at the end of the ACH exit ramp, cross over the 210 freeway and turn left into the Shell station.

Meeting time is 6:30am, we generally will wait 5-10 minutes for stragglers. The Angeles Crest Highway is a world class winding mountain road drive and can be a thrill (if you want it to be,) as are the (formerly) scenic views. There's a lot of fire damage up there, so it's very different han it has been in the past. Bring any car you want or hitch a ride with one of the others.

We can eat at Newcomb's Ranch (round trip distance of about 55 miles) which has weathered the fire and the prolonged road closure.

Jan 19th, 10, 11:06 PM
The roads are going to be covered in ice and debris so it's cancelled for this weekend. I'll let you know what the new date will be ASAP.