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: Stock High-rise intake on LS6/L78 in 70??

Jun 13th, 99, 1:50 PM
I remember reading somewhere that 2 aluminum intake manifolds where offered on the 396/375 and 454/450 engines in the 1970 Chevelles.If I recall the article said early L78 and LS6 Chevelles came through with left over L72 intakes.I have seen many LS6/L78 Chevelles with the low-rise but never a documented high-rise.Anybody out there have or seen a factory stock 70 LS6/L78 with the high-rise???


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Jun 13th, 99, 2:24 PM
I once heard that you had one of these in early 1970 if you did not get Cowl Induction.

Jun 13th, 99, 5:14 PM
The reason Chevrolet switched aluminum intakes on all the big block engines was due to the low hood restrictions of the Corvette. The books I have read stated that the Chevelle was the only car that had enough clearance for the high rise intake, but that the cowl hood was built to accomidate the low rise intake unit, while the L-72 is a high rise unit. The high rise unit supposedly breathed a little better.

Not sure about the leftover L72 intake thing, although, they are the same intakes, except the LS-6 is a low rise, and GM has been known to kinda mix up parts, so...?

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Jun 13th, 99, 5:57 PM
My LS6 Chevelle has a spacer between the carb and air cleaner base.This is to seal the air cleaner against the hood on cowl induction cars.A friend of mine has a 396 with cowl induction.He put a high-rise manifold on with no clearance problems at all.All he did was remove the spacer.


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Dave Birdwell
Jun 13th, 99, 6:23 PM
I seriously doubt if any LS6 cars came with a high rise intake, as the LS6 was not released until November (I believe this is the month. What's the earliest LS6 date code known???)
A hi-po mag told a story recently that the L78 was only available until the LS6 was released in late '69
As a side note, the '69 Vette 427/390 horse used a low-profile aluminum q-jet intake.

Jun 13th, 99, 6:51 PM
Reguarding the low rise intake, let's not for get the 70 Camaro SS396 with the L78. They had low hood clearance and had a lot to do with the switch to low rise intakes. They only made 600 of the 2nd generation Camaros with the L78 though.

Jun 14th, 99, 5:52 AM
If any high rise alum intakes made it through in 1970, it was probably very few. I bought a new L78 1970 Nova in Sept '69 and it had the low rise alum intake. '69 L78 Novas had the high rise unit. von