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: 1968 Chevelle generator light stays on

Jan 7th, 00, 7:23 PM
My generator light stays on when the key is in the off position. I have narrowed it down to between the coil ignition side and either the fuse box or the wiring to the ignition . I have changed the ignition switch and the coil, to no avail. I would appreciate any suggestions. I know its a feed back but from where.

1968 Chevy Malibu 2 door Chevelle 307 V-8

Jan 7th, 00, 7:37 PM
Is the dummy light bright like when the key is on, or is it a dimmer glow? If its dim, it could be the voltage regulator is stuck, or the diode is bad in your alternator. Ive had this prob with both.