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: lt1 in a 68 el camino

Oct 20th, 09, 11:19 PM
installing without all the smog stuff it came out of a 96 impala ss.should i also exclude the cat converter? i have gotten mixed pieces of advice.

Oct 21st, 09, 1:06 AM
Welcome Manuel The swap sounds good to me :D You might gert a better answer to your questionin the EFI Forum - lots of smart people hang out there:

Oct 21st, 09, 1:39 AM
Never install a cat where a cat has never been, they run very hot and if your car isn't protected from that degree of heat it could end in a very bad way.


Oct 21st, 09, 11:10 AM
LT1 came with a cat. You can emiliniate it, when you tune the car that issue will be addressed.

Oct 22nd, 09, 2:02 AM
thanks for that info. love the 69 convertible! had the same year and color non ss with blue interior.sold it after12years miss it so much wish i never sold it,priceless on a summer night with top down!

Oct 23rd, 09, 1:11 PM
I believe 96 is the start of ODB II, four O2 sensors, two in front and two behind the cats. Leave the cats off, leave the second O2 sensors off. The computer can be programmed to eliminate the second set and the cats.

If you use the stock accessory mount you may have a problem with A/C compressor clearance on frame and suspension mounts.

It will run very well.

Oct 23rd, 09, 1:26 PM
Those heads on the Impalas are decent, better than the Vette heads.

Do a full port, port the intake and a cam in the 218-220ish (intake), 525or so lift, headers and youll have an easy 360+rwhp with a good tune done on the computer. Youll need larger injectors. Should easily get you deeply in the 13s.