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: 1970 Chevelle SS LS6 engine

Oct 10th, 09, 6:58 PM
I recently found an original 1970 LS6 engine in a warehouse. :hurray: It has the automatic suffix code (CRR). The stampings are factory original. :thumbsup: It's a short block with bare counter replacement 3964291 heads. Intake, carburetor, air cleaner, distributor, waterpump, pulleys and exhaust manifolds are all missing. :( The engine currently has .030 pistons. I removed the pan to see that everthing looks great. There is no visible damage. It does have the 964 main caps, thumb 7/16 dimple rods and 7416 forged crank. It has a very large balancer. I could not find a VIN stamping anywhere on the block, only the Tonawanda assembly date and suffix stamping. The casting numbers are 3963512 with a C 23 70 date.

I would like to sell this engine, but I don't really know what it's worth.

I haven't seen engines like this to compare prices.

I don't want to over price or under price this rare find.

Is there anyone out there that can give me an honest opinion on what kind of price to put on this engine?

Oct 10th, 09, 8:41 PM
Hi, I live in mass. I have a 70 ls6 with a counter exchange engine. I'd love to get an orig. ls6 engine like yours Let me know what youd like for it. Out here there is a guy who has one all apart . He doesnt know what he wants for it but he's had it for 20 years on the shelf. he says he'll never get an orig. chevelle so he'll be reasonable on the price. the problem is I go back again and again. I would say take the engine you have and put a profit on it and make someone very happy w/ an orig. ls6 . Its a 40 year old engine ,which would be date code correct. Let me know what you think ,Dave

Oct 11th, 09, 12:05 PM
I would say it is worth $3500

Oct 11th, 09, 2:23 PM
I would say put it on Ebay if you want to find out what it is worth. There was a bare 512 CRV block .030 over on Ebay for $5500.00, not sure if it sold.