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: powersteering brackets w/ headers

Jan 6th, 00, 6:28 PM
I have a 65 Malibu with a 350 that I plan to run headers on. Is there an "easy" way to mount the power steering pump using brackets that already exist. I can make my own but I'd rather not. Thanks.

Jan 6th, 00, 6:35 PM
Are you running the original short waterpump and brackets or a long waterpump and brackets? With the long all that is required is a short piece of tubing to act as a spacer to take up the thickness of the stock manifold. I do not remember what is needed with the short pump, but I would think it would be a similar situation. If not aftermarket adapter brackets should be available.

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Fred Ont canada
Jan 6th, 00, 6:37 PM
Ivan make a spacer for the front bolt and it about 1" long 3/8" bore...FRED