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: New Member from Enumclaw

Sep 11th, 09, 2:37 AM
Hey guys, new member here. Thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Robert and I do my wrenching out of Enumclaw when I choose to, by the side of the road when I have no choice.

So far I only have my daily driver pictured below, the '90 454SS. Its nothing that amazing, but I changed the motor out twice, did a few other things, and am committed to my 10-12mpg commuter "car". Only recently have I have gotten back into Chevy's, and this is my first Big Block.

Sadly, right now I am away from my baby until I get out of the Army in March. What's funny is that my fiance has overcome her foreign sports car addiction and has grown to like driving the truck around.

Sep 11th, 09, 3:40 AM
Welcome Robert, nice truck. Curious about your 'wrenching out of Enumclaw' that where you have the space to? My car is just down the road in Bonney Lake...I spend a lot of time there, but like you my wrenching is not done at home or less than 25 minutes away.

You're in good company:thumbsup:

Sep 11th, 09, 3:55 AM
So ya found us Robert!

I am Army Retired as of 06. Links to the toys below.

1969 El Camino Dan
Sep 11th, 09, 9:59 AM
Welcome aboard, Robert.
Thanks for your military service - hope you have much more time to play next year.
I do my wrenching in SeaTac, but I live in Leschi area of Seattle.


Sep 11th, 09, 1:20 PM
Welcome! That is good news on the wife, I shudder at what I'd have to do to get my wife to drive a chevy.

Good luck on your last stint in the army!

Sep 11th, 09, 1:36 PM
... I do my wrenching out of Enumclaw when I choose to, by the side of the road when I have no choice...


Ain't that the truth.

Welcome to the crew. That's a nice truck you've got there.

Sep 11th, 09, 9:27 PM
Welcome to the site where even Oldsmobile A-Bodies are welcome! :D I'm also just a short drive down Hwy 410, not too far from Lake Tapps.

Sep 12th, 09, 1:27 PM
Welcome to the group Robert....and congrats on the upcoming ETS. I live and Wrench just north of you on the 169 in Maple Valley, and work on Ft. Lewis as well. Nice truck BTW

Sep 12th, 09, 2:14 PM
Nice truck! I had a swb std. Cab 95 silverado with that grill in it, mine only had a 350, but it still went pretty good. What drop is that?