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: Engine Harness Replacement

Jan 6th, 00, 6:10 AM
Have my engine compartment dissasembled and wondering if I should change the engine harness. The original harness (1970) is not too bad, a little stiff. There were no electrical problems to think of prior to dissasembly. Just looking for some opinions, should I change it, any tips to offer and whom makes the best replacement.



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Jan 6th, 00, 6:31 AM
I bought one for mine several years ago and it worked perfect. The other one had starter wires that looked like they had been hot. Just make sure you get the correct one for factory guages or air but you probably already know that. The wires were all the same colors as the originals. I went ahead and replaced the headlight wiring harness also. Just looks good and organized now.

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Jan 6th, 00, 8:14 AM
Its your call, if all the wiring is intact and hasnt been cut up, it is definately resuable. I use a little paint reducer to clean any exposed wires and also the looms, makes it all look like new. Most common areas I have found cut up are at the alternator, starter, and coil. If these areas are ok and it all looks good then I would reuse it.

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Jan 6th, 00, 8:19 AM
This is a hard disission. If the harness in in GOOD electrial shape . No frayed leades
no crimp on splice connectors. I would clean it up with spray degreaser , glean the plug areas with contact cleaner and rewrap
the harness with Hearness tape( can get it at
most all resto houses ) If you opt to change out the harness IMHO. MH electrial is the sure fire winner. Ground UP the sponsers of this site carry them.
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Jan 6th, 00, 9:34 AM
I agree with the above, if it is in good condition, hasn't been overheated/melted anywhere and the firewall connector is in good shape, use it. We still have the original harness on our 48 farmall. http://www.chevelles.com/forum/biggrin.gif

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