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: Air Shock Leak

Aug 19th, 03, 11:15 AM
Just got my 1966 SS and it has air shocks which I believe are Monroe. Tried to fill the shocks and they work but after a few minutes the air leaked out. Checked for the problem and found that one of the air lines is leaking at the fill valve cap. Anybody know how the hoses fit into the fill valve? Any advice how to stop the leak?

Aug 19th, 03, 3:37 PM
Mine had leaks as well when I bought the car. The best thing to do is replace them. They are not that expensive, plus you'll save yourself the aggravation of filling them up all time.

Aug 22nd, 03, 1:10 AM
Do yourself and your shock mounts a favor and get rid of the air shocks. With the technology of shocks today you can get a better pair. It won't sit quite as high but that fads over anyway. It will feel better on your back also.


Aug 23rd, 03, 3:24 AM
I work at a real parts store and we warranty Monroe products for life...Most Monroe products including air shocks have a lifetime warranty...Go to your local parts house...Preferably one that your familiar with and have them warranty them out...Be persistent they will receive credit for the defect product in exchange for new product...Plus they will gain a customer like your self...I too did away with my air shocks lately and went with Monroe Sensa-tracs...There was no real hight difference but the launch and braking have improved dramatic...

Aug 23rd, 03, 6:54 AM
I had leaking air shock lines too. I just went to my local auto parts store and bought a replacement airline kit for $12. That took care of the problem. I'm eventually going to replace the air shocks with air bags, but its one of those things I havenít got around to yet.