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Jun 23rd, 09, 12:35 AM
After installing a new wiring harness for my car, I found that the gas gauge did not work... it registered past full all of the time.

I did a search this evening and found Wes Vanns' (possessive.. (') after the 's') excellent easy guide to locating issues. Following his instructions, I was interested to find that I had 88 ohms at the tank (measuring the resistance) and about 11.8 volts of DC. I checked to see if the ground was good at the tank and it was.

I moved forward and checked the wiring harness at a connector... 11.8 volts - so I knew I was good up to that point.

After removing the connector to the gas gauge, I discovered that I had hooked up the wires improperly .... all currents were fine but the 'pink' line was installed on the wrong half of the connector. I switched the wires in the connector, re-hooked the connector to the gauge and hooked up the battery again... I now have a working gas gauge.

And, surprise upon surprise.... I am pleased at the small amount of fuel that I used at the cruise on Saturday.... I figured I was almost out and the gauge shows 3/4 of a tank left.

Of course, I shall take the car down tomorrow for a fill to check that it is accurate but...
this shows that there is easy to follow explanations on this site if one just does a search.

Many thanks to Wes Vann and all the others that take the time to explain in detail with good solid information.