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: Power steering box - '65 Malibu

Furious Malibu
Apr 20th, 04, 6:59 PM
Hey all,

I have read the posts regarding upgrading to the Monte Carlo SS power steering pumps. I would just like to run this past you guys one last time:

Is this pump the correct part to order from Napa's on-line catalog (http://www.napaonline.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ExecMacro/NAPAonline/search_results_product_detail.d2w/report?prrfnbr=15546032&prmenbr=5806&usrcommgrpid=82796552) ?

Thanks in advance!

Apr 20th, 04, 9:03 PM
Not sure what you are attempting. The discussions have been (I think) about upgrading to the Monte SS steering BOX. I don't think there is an advantage to changing the pump alone, if that is what you are asking. The pump needs to match the box you use in terms of pressure output. The stock PS box in our older cars has a 17:1 ratio (many turns lock to lock, too soft) and the Monte SS box is the quicker ratio 12.7:1. I did this swap this winter on my 67, and it is really worth the effort, which isn't that much. If you currently have PS, use the stock pump. If you upgrade to the later model box, you can upgrade your stock pump to a higher pressure, thus eliminating fitment probles.
Check these 2 references - the second has a parts list and sources. Email me if you have a question. I will try to refer you to a source for the answer. Jim Shea is the man if you need help with this!


Furious Malibu
Apr 21st, 04, 4:04 PM

Thanks for catching that...yes, I mean changing the box since I don't have power steering now - I'll also need the pump.


Apr 21st, 04, 8:18 PM
I picked up my box on ebay for about$30, and the guy threw in the pump. (yeah - I got a deal!)I used the pressure regulating spring and (piston?) from the new pump in my 67 pump, so the setup uses my stock pump with an upgrade. The fitting in the newer pump is metric inside and SAE outside, so it will screw right into an older pump (God bless 'The General!). All you need to do then is to get a metric return line from your local pick-a-part, and a Cutlass high pressure hose (see article #2 above) and your hose connections will be all metric, so you don't need the Lee Mfg adapters. You will need the rag joint setup as noted in that article since the input on the new box is smaller than the old one.

Furious Malibu
Apr 23rd, 04, 8:29 PM
thanks John,

You sure got a deal...I've been looking for a while with no results. Thanks, I think this is all I'll need to get the kit completed before I perform the swap.


Apr 24th, 04, 9:01 PM
hi guys,
my daughter seems to be getting interested a old musclecars and keeps bugging me to drive the chevelle. currently i have a 69 with manual steering. the box is a little sloppy and i really don't want her driving the car as is. so if I find a monte carlo ss i cam switch the pump and box? how about a pitman? the car has power brakes and work great I have the proper pulleys as the car once had ps already. thanx mike

Furious Malibu
Apr 25th, 04, 11:48 PM
Well, good news!

I got a hold of a MC SS box yesterday.

Now, I just have one last question: in the second link from John's reply, the instructions call for items B, C, and D from a "mid-eighties rear wheel drive car."

Can I just order these (3) parts for an '85 Cutlass Supreme/307 or should these parts be for a full size car such as the Caprice?


I understand that if you already have the parts for POWER steering, then you need the MC SS box and assorted parts as found on the second link above. Swapping from MANUAL however, requires the additional replacement of the pitman arm - I'll be looking for one soon!

I think you're way ahead since you already had power steering and have all the brackets to mount the pump - good luck with your car and keep your daughter interested on it!

Apr 26th, 04, 11:33 AM
Originally posted by Furious Malibu:
Now, I just have one last question: in the second link from John's reply, the instructions call for items B, C, and D from a "mid-eighties rear wheel drive car."

Can I just order these (3) parts for an '85 Cutlass Supreme/307 or should these parts be for a full size car such as the Caprice?
B must be from the the 85 cutlass with 307 because its the SHAPE of the hose that is important. I don't think one from a caprice would work.

C & D come from a full size RWD car such as a caprice.

I just pulled C&D from a boneyard, I got B new from an autoparts store.

Furious Malibu
Apr 29th, 04, 6:01 PM
Well, I guess I still have a question:

In this Classic Performance link (http://www.classicperform.com/tech_articles/turn-turn-turn/turn-turn-turn.htm) one of the pictures with detail of the pitman arm, indicates that there are different power steering pitman arms.

Does anybody know if this refers to differences as related to the year of the car or were there really different pitman arms available for power steered cars within the same year?


John D
Apr 30th, 04, 9:46 AM
Check This (http://www.chevelles.com/forum/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=7;t=007632#000010)
We just did a power steering "tech session" at our last club meeting. I have also converted my '64 from 47 turns L/L manual to High Ratio power steering. Here's what I've learned:

Existing Power steering to Fast Ratio Power:
The physical dimensions of the boxes and the mounting bolt patterns are identical.
Somewhere around '70 GM dropped the 4th mounting ear.
Late model boxes use the small diameter input shaft.
Late model boxes have O-ring type sealing.
The round "end cap" on the box determines the travel (turning radius) of the steering box. There are lugs cast into the interior surface that act as limit stops.

You must use the pitman arm from your car (year/model) to maintain linkage geometry.
Lee Mfg. makes O-ring to Flare adapter inserts to use a late model box with "old" style lines.
You can swap the end cap from your original box to a fast ratio box and maintain original travel (turning radius).
The late model rag joint will have to be slightly modified to work with the older column input (enlarging 1 mounting hole).
Your existing box can have High Ratio guts installed if you want to maintain "originality".

Manual to Power Conversion:
(this is my own experiences)
I thought the easiest route was this. I found a complete late model "donor" car (wreck - '79 Malibu w/ 305) and took the entire front of the engine off. All pulleys, WP, brackets, PS pump, bolts, etc. went in the wheelbarrow.
I scored a '98 Trans Am box from Ebay for $50.
Ordered the O-ring adapters from Lee ($12)
Bought a new rag joint (GM - About $60)
Bought a new PS Pitman arm from OPG (OUCH)
This worked out in my situation because I wanted to use a late model alternator, long WP, and clutch fan as well, and had already extended the alt. wiring harness to the passenger side.

Apr 30th, 04, 1:01 PM
To add to John there is also an internal stop in the steering gear as well as the lugs on the end cap. It can only be removed by disassembling the internal components. It looks like a large snap ring at the bottom of the bore.

Furious Malibu
May 12th, 04, 11:50 PM
Hey guys,

I just received the PS pitman arm I ordered from CPP.

The question I have is this: I've read a post here that described the casting number as 5693763 for a PS pitman arm, '64 - '67.

The one I received is 5679208 E. On the other side, it has a "66 4" marking. It's 5" long, center to center.

Can anybody please verify this is the correct part before I continue with this project?