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: wheel cylinder help please

Jan 31st, 04, 11:15 AM
Hello Chevelle Experts,

Please help tracking down the correct rear wheel cylinders for my 67 Chevelle wagon.
Where can I get the correct cylinders with the seal on the inside of the cylinder?

I need to replace a rear wheel cylinder so I trucked on down to Advance Auto parts and they gave me a part number (Wagner?) 45999. These don't fit my backing plates. Also, they have seals on the outside of the cylnder.
My "original" rear wheel cylinders have seals on the inside and "29455 USA" stamped on them.
Can anybody point me in the right direction for correct cylinders?


Jan 31st, 04, 1:46 PM
I do not the specific answer,but I do have a suggestion. Try going online to the sites for Autozone and for Checker auto parts. Look up your stuff there and see what the choices are.

Jan 31st, 04, 8:18 PM
Hi Again -

Thanks for the suggestion. I went to 3 different parts shops and found the correct wheel cylinder. The parts from all 3 shops cross reference to one another, but the one from Advance (Tru Torque W45999) was manufactured differently (didn't fit the backing plate and seals were outside). I got a Coni-Seal 13311 from "The Parts Connection" - it fits the backing plate and the seals are inside. It fits great.