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: Any one ever try these bracket for front disc swap?

Feb 18th, 04, 5:54 PM
I found these on Ebay. I just wanted to know if anyone ever tring them OR can someone tell me why I should not try it? :confused:

Feb 18th, 04, 5:55 PM
I forgot to add the link. Brackets (

Feb 18th, 04, 6:04 PM
they don't look too bad- maybe a bit bulky with a lot of unnecessary metal on the bottom side, but too much is better than not enough, i guess. i just wonder why they use the metric calipers? they are small, but cheap to get. the price doesn't seem too bad- you might have a couple hundred into the swap after you buy the brackets, rotor, calipers, hoses, and a master cylinder, which isn't too bad, i guess.

Feb 18th, 04, 6:15 PM
Whats the point of only going to a 10.5" rotor? If your going to go through the trouble might as well step up to 12 or 13", not that much more work.

Feb 18th, 04, 6:49 PM
Like the idea,
Disc brake swap cheap!
Check the link to their home page. They have a 12" kit that uses the of offset shafts and/or Global West upper control arms.
One on ebay
or their home page

Thoughs anyone?