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: 4 wheel disc brake kits...

Pistol Pete
May 8th, 09, 2:52 AM
So my dad and I are back-and-forth on what to do with the brakes. Personally, I never liked drums, so I'd like to go with a 4 wheel disc option. My dad has talked about upgrading just the stock front discs to a performance rotor and "maybe someday" get around to the 4 wheel kit. I'd rather not tread the same road twice, so I was thinking about ponying up for the 4 wheel kit. I'd feel much better with 11 inch rotors over the stock 10. So, any opinion on a good setup? Not looking to break the bank or lose any teeth when we touch the pedal, just a good solid kit.

I've seen these...


May 8th, 09, 3:50 PM
Both those kits look to be about the same thing. Probably Chevevelle front discs and calipers with cadillac rear calipers and rotors. Should make a decent kit but there are better options out there like C5 brakes but that requires 17 inch or larger wheels. Perhaps somebody in her can comment that has a similar setup as the one you linked.

PS: Nice display name, Gopokes!?

Pistol Pete
May 8th, 09, 7:42 PM
Yep, my dad and I are both Oklahoma State alumni.

One thing my dad and I both agree on is that 15's are about as big as we'd like to go. We want it to be a classic style car with modernized performance - nothing crazy, but better than stock.