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: Steering Arms - manual versu Power Steering

May 2nd, 09, 3:46 AM
I was just getting ready to replace my 2" drop spindles with stock chevelle disc spindles and found out that my 64 steering arms from my drum brakes have a 7/16" holes instead of 1/2" as the spindles have 1/2". So I'm looking to find new ones. Is the following statement true for Chevelles (from Speedway Motors)

"Don't know if you ever thought about this or not, but the steering arms on some cars were a different length depending on if they were power or manual steering. The manual cars had a longer arm and if you convert them to power steering you still have slow steering. These forged arms are shorter (faster) than manual steering arms."

I do have power steering so are they different depending on if they are for manual or power steering?

Thanks for any info

May 2nd, 09, 5:20 AM
that info applies to Camaros- i don't think there were different Chevelle arms.
is there any reason why you can't drill the holes out to 1/2"?
drill one, bolt the arm to the spindle, and use the spindle as a guide to drill the other hole.