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: Steering Pump GC

Apr 26th, 09, 5:53 PM
Im going to do the GC swap in my chevelle, and i would like to change the power steering pump to the metric fittings. Will any mid 80's GM truck pump have the correct fittings? Or do i need a few specific vehicles?

I can get a mid 80s chevy pick up truck pump cheap, but the vehicle it came from is unknown.


Apr 26th, 09, 11:47 PM
I used a fitting/spring out of a '85 Olds Cutlass, not sure about the truck fitting. One uses a '80 Camaro pressure hose for this swap so I imagine most of the GM 80's cars use the metric female end and the SAE male fitting for the pump.

The trucks I believe used the same pumps, but not 100% sure.

The fittings are cheap, hit up your local wrecking yards and pull one out.