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: More LS Engines, LS7s, L92s and L76s

Apr 23rd, 09, 7:00 PM
Hey Guys, I ran across some more engine deals. These deals are nt as cheap as those last batch (sold out in a couple weeks), that deal was to good to be true and will not happen any time soon.

However, these engines are still a screamin deal and are up to 40% off list price.

I have (6) All Aluminum L76 engines, only $4100 each

I have (3) L92 engines $4800 each, only 2 of the 3 left now

And I have (4) LS7s!!! These are factory rebuilds. Completely new inside. These are engines that had issues on the assembly line or warranty returns for minor issues that have been completely rebuilt by GMs certified re builder. No disaster recoveries, most minor things. Most of these never left the assembly line, had a little issue, and were plucked and set to the side. Fantastic deal at only $10,500!!! Considering these engines were bringing north of $13K, and are no longer available, these are a deal.

I also still have L76 Iron block / aluminum heads, only $3500

And killer deals on 5.3 and 4.8 motors for cruisers.

Also, I have intake packages available for our engines only for $800.

These deals are all steming from premature early shut down of assembly lines, and are truly now or never deals as we do not expect GM to over buy like this going forward.

We sold out quick last time and I sold (1) L92 while I was writing this posting today.

Here are a few pics of one of the LS7s