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: 65 chevelle 327 350 hp how to id.

Sep 24th, 04, 6:07 AM
How to id a 65 chevelle with a 327 350 hp? where was gas filter? what kind? what size gas line? did it have return line? What other ways could you id?

Sep 24th, 04, 8:25 AM

The moderator of this board, Rich-L79, is probably your man to answer these question and I am sure he will eventually see your posting and help you out. He owns a very nice version of what you are describing and appears to have made it a passion of his to know this model inside out. You have come to the right place to get the answer. Be patient he is very helpful.

BTW: Welcome to the best site on the net for Chevelle information. We have many "resident" experts that visit this board.


Sep 25th, 04, 2:18 AM
Hi All. I am told the 350 hp option may have been offerd later in the year? anyone know when this started.

Also how can you identify differnces on a X16 hulk? I had a chance to buy one back in 1974 for $ 75.00 . I have a tailight lens off that car somwhere. I drove back where that car was & it was a housing development. gone now.

Sep 27th, 04, 8:00 AM

I am guessing that Rich must be on vacation or he would have chimed in already. In any event I moved this to the top to get some more visibility. Maybe he will be back Monday. I know very little about the L79 option (327/350HP) or I would try to answer your question.

This is the engine code(s) (per the info on this site) you should see on the pad on the passenger side head

EC 327 350 Manual 4bbl
ED 327 350 Manual 4bbl


Sep 27th, 04, 10:53 AM
Sorry, I had a lot of events going on this weekend.

The best way to identify one for sure is to look for the EC code on the block as mentioned above by Robert. The ED code is extremely rare (if it was ever used at all).

The L79 used a large AC GF-90 fuel filter in line from the pump to the carb. A chrome fuel line goes from the pump to the filter and another from the filter to the carb. The filter was bolted to the intake manifold on the passenger side. The filter itself should either be zinc plated with red lettering or black with white lettering. The bracket that holds the filter is also chrome. There was no fuel return line used.

Of course, all of the items mentioned could have been removed, added or changed over the years. It is best to check the stamped codes and casting numbers and dates if there are any questions. The engine should also have a partial VIN stamped into it which should match the VIN of the car thus allowing you to determine if it is a matching number engine for that car. Lesser 327s and 283s in the 1965 model year rarely if ever had partial VINs stamped into them so that too can be a quick clue.

Much of the above information is unique to a '65 Chevelle L79. The L79 was introduced soon after the beginning of the model year. They were probably available by late October or early November 1964.

Let us know if you have other questions.

Oct 2nd, 04, 7:19 AM
Thanks four your help all.
Rich, I was going to send you a long winded reply via e mail att. but I also am new to computers & havent figured how to yet. I am going to a computer users group sat. & hope to learn.

Oct 3rd, 04, 12:57 AM
Drop me an e-mail, PM (private message) or post a note here when you can. Glad to help however I can.