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: Oil dipstick leak

Apr 11th, 09, 11:21 PM
Last summer when I installed my 383, we had a heck of a time intalling the oil dipstick. The first dipstick went in so tight, we broke the thing trying to drive it into the block. It was chrome plated so I'm guessing they made the thing with stock dimensions and didn't account for the added thickness that would be added by the plating process. So we bought another one and took a belt sander to the end of it and it went in a little too easy this time and no surprise, its since been dripping oil onto my header. Will a decent coating of rtv on the end of the dipstick fix this problem?

Bill Rose
Apr 12th, 09, 12:19 AM
I always put a small bead or RTV on the dip stick tube before I stick it in the oil pan.