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: Have a picture of installed 64 283 shroud????

Apr 10th, 09, 3:02 PM
I'm ordering a shroud for my 64 SS with the pwr pac 283. It has what I believe is the original fan. It measures 18" and has 4 blades.

The photos I see of the shroud I'm looking at appears to be a circle with 2 horizontial metal bars on each side extending out. The person with the shroud says he's not sure how it mounts but assumed it bolted to the same bolts that hold the radiator. My radiator is a replacement but was listed as specific for the 64 and it looked identical with the exception of a few extra holes on the mounting flange that were not on my original.

If the shroud shares these bolts it should have a bend in the horizontial bars to reach past the radiator.

Can anyone confirm how the 64 shroud was mounted? Anyone happen to have a picture?



Apr 10th, 09, 3:31 PM
The shroud bolts to the inside flange of the radiator. The radiator is bolted to the cowl - using the flange closest to the radiator cowl.

Basically, the shroud is nothing more than the circle and two flat pieces... before you install the fan, slide the shroud down, align the bolt holes with the clip on nuts on the radiator and install. Then install the fan, being careful not to hit the radiator core.

Apr 10th, 09, 3:49 PM
Thanks Mike,
The radiator stands proud of the flange toward the engine. I assume the shroud mounting points will be angled to reach back past the radiator to these bolts. I'm waiting on a photo from the seller now.
Thanks for your input on this. The car is not overheating. As carefull as i am around a fan in a running car, I brushed against it with my thumbnail and almost tore it off. That was all it took for me to want a shroud. I'm fortunate it was not worse than it was!
Thanks again Mike!

Apr 10th, 09, 3:51 PM
Just re-read mikes reply. I'll have to locate the clip on nuts he spoke of.