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: Traction problems... help

Mar 15th, 09, 12:12 PM
The car is a 1968 GTO.
I removed the old rear axle, and replaced it with a Moser 12 bolt rear with a spool.

I also installed the edelbrock no-hop bars and Spohn Performance Pro-Series Rear Drag Sway Bar (

for some reason.. When i launch from a stand still now, the car lifts up at the rear... instead of going down...

Any thoughts about what is wrong?? I have no traction.. the car's rear end lifts off instead of dropping down and i loose traction at the rear wheels.. Mickey E/T Drag tires with 10psi burn up like crazy a full 1/4 mile..

Car has a pontiac 455 fuel injected engine.. 12:1 CR with around 700hp..

Help me out here.. what's wrong?

Mar 15th, 09, 12:18 PM
If the rear of the body is lifting the suspension is working as it is supposed to. When the rear tires plant hard, it pushes the body up as the suspension pushes down. What is the front end doing? The front needs to come up some as well to give you weight transfer.


Mar 15th, 09, 12:25 PM
It sounds like your suspension setup is working right, Maybe you need better or bigger tires.