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: Steering box Q - top cover gasket replacment

Mar 13th, 09, 9:23 AM
Referring to these images: lts.jpg g

Does the top cover slide off the pitman shaft? All I want to do is change the cover gasket. So Iím assuming you remove the preload nut & 4 cover bolts and it should slide right off?

Mar 13th, 09, 11:26 AM
No, the pitman shaft will not slide out of the bore in the side cover. The bolt sticking through the cover has a special head that fits into a slot machined into the top of the pitman shaft. You will need to remove the nut and unscrew the bolt from the cover in order to be able to remove the shaft from the cover bore.

Do you really need to remove the pitman shaft before replacing the rubber seal? Early gears had an o-ring to seal the side cover. Later gears had a metal plate with a seal molded into it. This sealing plate replaced the o-ring. I thought that either the o-ring or the plate would slide up the pitman shaft, over the teeth, and onto the bottom of the side cover without removing the pitman shaft from the cover.

I could be wrong.

There is a procedure for shimming the bolt head to the pitman shaft slot if you take it apart.

Mar 13th, 09, 11:58 AM
Thanks for the response, Jim.

I actually just received my 93í GC box to upgrade my stocker. Iím wondering if it would be a good idea to replace all seals now? So this box has the metal plate with seal molded in.