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: What 15" front tires for best handling ?

Mar 1st, 09, 2:52 PM
Going for an upgrade in the suspension department soon, spending about 2000-2500 dollars on parts. My goal is to get a more modern sportscar feel, so the parts I`m buying will be focused on handling capabilities not drag.
I have lousy front tires on now.
BF radial T/A in the back.
Going to get some drag radials in the back soon.
I know I should get some 17" or 18" inch and improve handling big time with that swap alone. But I`m not going to...
I love the old muscle car look and could never put glossy chip foose wheels on my car. I like the guy though :-) just not his wheels

Big fat tires with a lot of rubber is what I love....

So... what would be the best handling front tires to be used on 15" wheels?
something around 235/60-15 or something...

Mar 2nd, 09, 8:48 AM
What year of car you working on?

I have 235/60x15 on the front of my '71, 295/60x15's on the rear. BFG radial T/A.

Mar 2nd, 09, 8:58 AM
Was hoping there was a tire out there with r-compound made in 15"

Mar 2nd, 09, 9:31 AM
You can get a BFG g-force in 225-50-15 that'll work well. I have some of these tires on my BMW and they stick very well.

Mar 2nd, 09, 10:00 AM
You're going to have a hard time finding any tall tires meant for performance... most anything you'll find will be 50 series or shorter, and meant for much smaller cars. I parted out a Caprice state-patrol car a few years ago that had some pretty sticky Goodyears on it, but they might not make anything anymore since even those haven't been in regular use for years.

Mar 2nd, 09, 12:26 PM
Right now I have 275/50/15 MT ET Street Radials on my rear and I've been very impressed with thier performance on dry and even rain (expected to just die instantly but got home fine). Like you I want to keep my 15" rims and I want my car to handle well so I'm thinking of trying ET Street Radials 235/60/15 on my front as well. They won't last long in terms of mileage but if you get them warmed up they should handle like a dream just like the rears. Sure they probably won't have as much sideways stability as a thin tire but still probably the best for a 15" rim on our cars. Definatly better than my 10 year old Cooper Cobras. Good luck. :thumbsup:

the heckler
Mar 2nd, 09, 12:38 PM
got BFG 235-60r-15 at all four corners on my 67 bb car. like to be able to rotate the tires. also looks great with the marina blue paint. somewhat low stance. very happy with thier performance - street car...1.125 front sway bar, .875 rear sway bar....

Highway Star
Mar 2nd, 09, 1:11 PM
235/60s for sure. Goodyear Eagle GTII is pretty good rubber, similar tread pattern to the BFG T/A, which is good too.

Mar 2nd, 09, 2:39 PM
So... what would be the best handling front tires to be used on 15" wheels? My goal is to get a more modern sportscar feel,

I'm gonna go with none.
Beg barrow or st....xxx
Go get some ultra budget used 17's.
Salvageyard. local paper. buddy that stock piles rims in an empty house full of them.

Dont 17" IROC wheels fit?

Mar 2nd, 09, 2:52 PM
I have cooper cobra 245/60r15 up front and 295/50r15 out back. with all the suspension upgrades, driving around town and take the curves in wine country, it feels like a sports car. I know that if I took it to a track and drove the snot out of it, it probably would be noticeable. But, if the suspension is right, and the steering is tight, you can get pretty darn close to the feel. You'll never get dead on because of the increased sidewall height.

While shopping for my tires I noticed another pattern, it's VERY hard to find high speed ratings in 15" tires. I did notice alot of the ones for suv's seem to have a pretty high speed rating, you could check out hankook or toyo for their suv line. They probably have a stiffer sidewall too.

Mar 2nd, 09, 3:45 PM
if you musst have a 15".
Go see them in person.
Grab the side wall with your fist and flex it.
Pinch the side wall and check for thickness or lack of.

When you get to the HD truck tires you may find one
rated for uber loads that will have a thick stiff sidewall.
You may find a taller tire with a stiffer sidewall due
to some engineer and marketing ppl saying:
"we need a truck tire for F250s and 2500s to haul tile and drywall"

I nexted the tire guy at sears on about 10 different tires for the parents mini van.
They keep killing tires from using the side wall as a parking stop on our hill.
Pop asked me later what I did to make the Grand Sport MiniVan handle so well.....

Mar 2nd, 09, 4:18 PM
Well its definatly not impossible to make a strong tire with a thick sidewall, take a look at Nascar and Formula One tires.

Mar 2nd, 09, 7:46 PM
Well that`s exactly my thought too bzack, it`s definitely not impossible to make one..

Onovakind67: your 225-50-15 tires are probably the best way to go for now, not too high but still have some rubber, could have been higher though, for looks, but performance wise probably the best way to go if no one else has a better idea?

I`m definetely NOT going with IROC 17" wheels, if I were okey with going 17" it would be american racing wheels for sure. Had those on a car but it`s not the style I`m looking for now. Got really tired of those flashy alu thingies. Iron all the way for now..

Mar 2nd, 09, 9:24 PM
y not 16s?

Mar 3rd, 09, 4:57 AM
Do they make rally wheels in 16" ?


Mar 3rd, 09, 2:31 PM
I have seen rally wheels in 17 and 18 aluminum before.

Mar 4th, 09, 1:20 AM
I have seen rally wheels in 17 and 18 aluminum before.

yeah and i think some vettes had 16 in rallys

Mar 5th, 09, 2:50 PM
I am gonna say, for a 15" tire on a Chevelle (assuming 15" x 7" wheels), go with 225/60/15 tire (something like the BF Goodrich g-Force Sport). That is the factory size for the 80's Mustang GTs, and they still make some decent rubber for those.

I like 235/60/15's but they don't make those in real "performance" tires any more that I can see.

I had 225/50/15's on a previous car, and those worked great... but it was a MIATA... They are too small for a Chevelle IMO.

Mar 5th, 09, 3:11 PM
depends on how wide you want to go.
do an 8" rim out back with a 275/60 or 50 nitto 555r and a nitto 555r 245/60 for front on a 7" wheel.
i am pretty sure they have them in 245/60.

other than that there really is no good 15 tires.

there are also other tirs like r compounds that are outrageous, but i think they have some sizes for 15" rims.