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Feb 2nd, 09, 6:55 PM
Are there any sites like this for Monte Carlo(70-72) owners?

Feb 2nd, 09, 8:30 PM
Yup there is one for the 1970 to 1972 Monte Carlo. First Generation Monte Carlo Club. Good stuff but by and large not the level of wrench twisting, engine swapping, rear end changing and other feverish modifications seen on this site.

I have found some great sources of Monte Carlo exclusive parts on the site. There is a guy Leo Konick (sp?) who is a supporter, advertiser and he claims to have enough parts to build another few hundred complete cars. Just kidding on that, he makes no real claims but if you need something that is MC unique and hard to find he could be your man.

What are you working on / driving? I have a 72 (owned since 73) that originally came from a dealer in Windsor Locks. It is now LS6 454 powered with a Richmond 5 Speed and a 67 Vette 3x2 setup among other lesser mods.

Is it COLD up there? Grew up in Litchfield, even dated a girl from Simsbury High a few times. Got lost more times than I can count looking for Stratton Brook Park as my landmark to get to her house. Still have some property in Canton and Glastonbury.

Then somewhere along the way I went astray and moved down south. Winter here sure beats the winter in Ct. BUT the summers are HOT HOT HOT. Much as I don't like the snow the idea of moving back...especially for the fall weather, has a certain appeal to me.