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: Radios and speakers

Jan 12th, 09, 6:43 PM
Which thread is the best for learning about which radio and speakers look and work the best in a 69?


Steven's 72
Jan 12th, 09, 8:02 PM
Maybe this will help....

Jan 12th, 09, 8:15 PM
Depends on what you want. The previous post from Steven gives a good overview of the standard stuff that fits in the dash. If you want to go beyond that to higher sound quality then that is another issue that doesn't just stop with what you buy. it also requires that you do stuff to overcome the limitations in the cars electrical system (or perhaps limitations in the audio equipment they sell as high end stuff).

If you could state what your goals are it might be easier to get some guidance.

Jan 12th, 09, 11:27 PM
Try here... ( I did it and love mine.